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It’s in the scripting to prevent this, but no promises. Subconsciously, you could ignore that scripting.


I had a habit of negative visualization. I haven’t noticed this when using the subs if that’s any help.


To me the thing i noticed is that when i’ve visualized things that normally i would say that can never happen or that’s never happened before kind of deal or id i do visualize bad things i always see myself doing better the next time around. Plus mind’s eye seems to help with the desire to visualize in general


Got Mind’s Eye today and did one loop

Felt like a powerful cerebral state shift that got more grounded as it went.
I was worried about negative visualization as well because I have that happen fairly often, but found whenever I started to go there I would just intend otherwise and it was like this blanket of infinite wellness blocked it out and I was able to refocus on what mattered. It became incredibly entertaining to imagine, like my mind was an infinite world connected to everything and I could create and design anything. I spent about an hour (after the loop) just sitting in a chair and visualizing with my eyes open and closed off and on. (I actually visualize in my Mind’s Eye better with my eye’s open)

Really cool sub, I found myself believing my visualizations more, feeling the incredible emotions of what I was visualizing as if they were true, but also saw the ‘negative’ things like dissatisfaction if I got what I wanted, anxiety when faced with receiving what I want, self sabotage, fear of being disconnected or narcissistic etc (say if I was rich and lost friends or was just going for the goodies in life and not being of service), I know that’s not true-these were all unconscious before but on Mind’s Eye I saw them and was able to give them love, integrate them,and let them go quite easily with my own process.

My favorite part about it was that I could intend things I had no clarity on and they would get clearer, like what do I really want with my life? What would be my ideal life be and what would it look like? What’s my best look? I would just ask, intend and let go and the answers would unfold in vivid color-either from 3rd of 1st person perspective depending on my choice

Overall even after one loop my intelligence seemed upgraded, and everything in the day and all the other subs I run seemed slightly improved.

I’m amazed at the quality of subs here and grateful as it seems I adapt quite well and quickly.


@SaintSovereign or @Fire

I’m pretty sure I have Aphantasia and I would really like to be able to visualize things. Do you think Mind’s Eye could help with that? I’m not sure whether a subliminal could help solve a problem that’s caused by the brain being wired differently than it should be.


This is actually one of the reasons they chose to go full subliminal instead of supercharger. As a subliminal, it will enhance whichever modality actually does work for you.

I mean, even in the most severe cases of aphantasia where you can’t consciously use sight, sound, smell, taste and touch, your subconscious is still using something somewhere.

Without some form of visualizing you would not have imagination, creativity and new ideas. Or possibly even no dreams (which would drive you mad according to research, and possibly has something to do with the nature of physical life and our need to detach from it (but that’s another story)). So, something’s working. We just don’t know what (yet).

The submliminal does its best to instruct your subconscious to start using that form of visualization more often. And like a muscle, it becomes stronger. After which it becomes easier to start including the other senses. How long that will take, no clue.

What is your experience when reading books? Or writing fiction?


When reading books my mind sometimes starts building a very vague image, but it immediately fades away and there are a lot of details missing. When I’m asked to just visualize something, nothing happens, it just stays black when I close my eyes.

Not too long ago I tried psychedelics and apparently my body reacts quite strongly to it because the effects were way stronger than should have been. However there was no form of hallucination whatsoever. Of course my perceptions of things where warped, but there were no hallucinations. From what I read this is not uncommon for people with Aphantasia, depending where on the spectrum they fall.


This point is even more important than people may realize.

I am aphantasic too in the sense of not being able to easily generate or access visual imagery. The imagery is there and it’s happening. It’s actually the same basis for your so-called physical sense of sight. If you’ve got an occipital lobe then you’ve got imagery for the most part (yes there are interesting studies of congenital blindness and its correlation with mental imaging). Anyway, the imagery is there, but I just don’t easily access it. Like a memory that you can’t easily tap, or a dance that you can’t quite get comfortable doing.

Aphantasia has been pretty humbling for me. Since childhood, I tried all of the garden-variety self-hypnosis, meditation, and trance techniques that I could find, but it was always like a brick wall.

I haven’t given up on it, but I also no longer grasp it so tightly. Your path is your own, and you need to find the diamonds that are in your own path.

Over the years, I’ve had 1 or 2 crystal clear visualizations but it’s apparent that this is not one of my effortless talents.

Anyway, the point is my subconscious is quite active and makes itself known. It’s usually in the form of clairsentience. Knowings that arise spontaneously in awareness, sometimes in the form of seemingly random thoughts.

The sense of sight is culturally very popular. It’s particularly important in the culture and traditions of Western civilizations. Other traditions may emphasize the somatic and kinesthetic (emphasizing for example, rhythm and dance), but for the Western mind, vision appears to be central. Even music, an auditory art, is approached in the West primarily by means of visual coding and patterns (musical scores, key signatures, time signatures, sight-reading, etc.).

Sight is popular, but is not by a long-shot the only or best avenue to the subconscious (in my opinion).

Still, I hope that my ease of imagery develops, even as I also hope that I gain greater awareness of and confident skill in the subconscious pathways that come most naturally to me.


Hey Guys,

I’m considering purchasing Mind Eye.

For those who are currently running Mind’s Eye :

  1. What is the max/optimum loops you could run daily, before experiencing negative side effects ? Especially when combining with other subs like EmperorQ and Alchemist

  2. Has anyone experienced any tangible or amazing physical manifestations so far ? (yes I’m aware it might still be early days since Mind’s Eye was released !)

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey Fluid,

I’m learning this all myself currently but I believe the optimal loops for any Q sub (which is all the subs except the superchargers now) is to run one loop per day-if there is reconciliation stay there until you acclimate. If your getting results, add another loop, if results improve continue, add another loop, whenever you experience reconciliation drop the number of loops back the previous amount and use that for a time before adding another loop. Have approximately 1/2 hour+ space in between Q tracks. The time frame in which to test for results and adding loops is up to you but obviously it’s in 24 hour increments at the least. You could also test one loop a day for a week before changing anything-which is what I would recomend.

From what I read/remember someone manifested a tennis ball on Mind’s Eye by intentionally visualizing it and attempting to manifest it.

I’m running it several times a week and experiencing increased synchronicity and movement in my life towards what I am visualizing but no physical manifestations yet.


It’s more like – start with one loop. If you don’t get reconciliation, add another loop. Once you start getting results you like, you’re close to your sweet spot. You can confirm this by adding another loop. If you start getting terrible reconciliation, drop back down to your sweet spot. If not, you can keep adding until you’ve reached the sweet spot.


Thanks Azriel, very insightful. One loop and taking it from there, seems to be the general consensus.

Your increased synchronicities are DEFINITELY a positive sign towards manifestation; I’m also speaking from my personal experience. Best of luck!


Thanks @SaintSovereign


I just created a separate topic for manifesting with Mind’s Eye

Since Saint already answered this question, I am going to answer with my experience. I think progress happens in steps. I can visualize crazy realistic stuff the way Tesla could (yet), but I definitely feel I am becoming better. I can think of more complex forms, visualising feels more natural, I have an easier time visualizing from 1st person point of view (which is important for manifesting), it starts to feel more real, I have much more fun visualizing but most importantly, I stopped visualizing bad things happening which I am insanely grateful for because I was a very anxious and worrying person and used to visualize catastrophic events happening to me every day.


those sound like amazing results! visualizing from 1st person is what I have the most trouble with, what other subs are you running with it? how many loops in a day?


For now I am running StarkQ, Mind’s Eye and Emperorv4. Might change in the future, I will have to see.
If you got problems with 1st person perspective, there is a little trick that might help you:
While going into the scene you imagine, imagine feeling a tactile sensation, for example someone touching you on the arm, resting your hands on a surface etc. This acts as a form of grounding mechanism and makes it more believable for yourself that you have a real body in your imagination.


If I run one loop today that I can handle…so next day two loops etc…when do I take rest days?..


Does Mind’s Eye cover all of the extrasensory perceptions? Such as Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, etc.

All of those skills are related to the Mind’s Eye, so I’m assuming it does. Does it have scripting to detoxify and de-calcify our Pineal Glands?


The first part, there’s a BIT of scripting, but something like that would require a second subliminal. We’ve been itching to work with such things, but I’m not sure if we should…

The latter part – yes, very much so.


Would Mind’s Eye help with visualizing as part of memory techniques (E.g. visual markers during speed reading, or the memory palace technique) in addition to manifestation/spiritual type practices?