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Yes, very much so. There’s scripting to help with the mind palace memory technique.


Awesome. I was going to learn memory palace as a goal.


Likewise! I want to learn it and a speedreading technique


Read a 1600 page computer programming book in under 10 minutes with 100% comprehension. That would be an awesome sub. :slight_smile:


To surpass all limits, including unlimited/limitless/quantum limitless. :slight_smile:


Awesome. Indirectly the script will enhance any extrasensory perception by healing the Pineal Gland, which is great.

Why wouldn’t you? I’d love to see a subliminal focused on enhancing ones extrasensory perceptions, the full package.

Eventually I might give Mind’s Eye a shot to see how it affects me. My visualization capacity has increased tremendously ever since I started a daily ritual practice, perhaps I’d be the perfect candidate to review this subliminal.


Which practice did you start?


A Magickal practice consisting of the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (banishing microcosmic forces), Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram (banishing macrocosmic forces) and The Middle Pillar (charging exercise). After a year of consistent practice I’ve found myself to be pretty advanced at these exercises, they’ll grow in potency along the way.

These exercises will fuel your body of light, charge you with energy, open yourself to divine pathways energy and insight, connecting with your higher self, banishing negative astral influences throughout all of the subtle bodies, increase and strengthen your aura, just to mention a few of the benefits.


Awesome. I will have to look into this.


DarkPhilosopher’s ears perk up so strongly he now looks like an elf.

Subs like that are very much influenced by people’s belief systems. In your case, you are probably going to be fine. But somebody else may think it would be really cool to have and start listening to the subs, only to get nightmarish visions because a part of them wasn’t ready or is afraid or they hold beliefs that it is somehow wrong or that they’d end up in a secret government test lab if they are ever found out.

Now pretty much all the subs are written in such a way that the listener determines the growth. But perhaps with these kind of things that is much harder to do. Maybe because that sixth sense is like an on/off switch. It’s dormant now, but once you flip the switch, you had better be ready for what comes next.

You also have to consider that when SubClub released apX and rvX and even held a regular exercise where they invited rvX listeners to participate (and Saint went through the trouble of picking and preparing targets and bringing an expert consultant in) and the response and participation was lukewarm at best. People either didn’t show up, did the exercise at the last moment or didn’t put any effort into it.

I suggest if people like things like sixth sense abilities, they start with rvX/apX and experiment with those. Maybe if those actually become more widely used, Saint can feel safer experimenting with similar concepts. They are both Q now too, our friendly consultant must be visiting other planets by now. :slight_smile:

Does anybody else feel like maybe Hermit lives in a castle up in a mountain somewhere with his pet dragon? Wearing an even more stylish robe than I am?


The “healing” modules became so effective with Q and Terminus power, sending me on a path to spiritual seeking, that I am sure we will all wear a long robe of wizardry soon


Where is my lucid dreaming sub? :angry:


Not actually angry, but still would like to change my brain to naturally lucid dream sooner than later!


Likewise! @SaintSovereign where is our lucid dreaming module?! :slight_smile:

You’ll notice I almost never @-mention Saint or Fire unless I really want them to pay attention. In this case I totally agree. But there’s still some modules missing from the store. Who knows?


The problem for all programs related to psychic abilities lie not within ones belief system, rather it is dependent on the development of there body of light. All skills psychic be it lucid dreaming, astral projection, extrasensory perceptions of any kind are in direct relationship with your light body. You simply cannot lucid dream if you haven’t build a body of light, where else will you project your consciousness in?

It’s not a problem of belief, rather the lack of a fully functioning body of light.


How does one develop the body of light?

And does body of light = higher self?


In some way or another, yes, we’re our higher selves and our consciousness is the light of the body.

Honestly, there are many known spiritual practices to do this, looking at both western and eastern culture. Although there is no more appropriate and potent method then doing the great work, former exercises are your foundation and those three in and of itself will give you more results then any other system in existence.


What is the great work? And what are “former exercises”?


To clarify, by doing the great work you purify the physical vessel so that more of the higher self is able to incarnate within the body. So after all you become aware of the unaware, what was unconscious before becomes conscious.

A certain system of initiations known throughout the ages and put into practice by several different mystery schools dating back till the ends of times to attain immortality.

There’s a difference between physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy. More then half of earths population are sleep walkers, with just enough juice left in there energetic body to keep there programs alive and that’s simply how the whole matrix sustains itself.

I really hope this makes sense. If not, it doesn’t matter by doing the exercises I’ve stated you’re going to open up parts of your intelligence whereby the knowledge will show itself in a way of insights, visuals, knowings and downloads, whatever you may call it, your higher self will guide you.


I am officially declaring you “The Ancient One” of SubClub, and my name is Stephen Strange…

Teach me!

edit: look…


Language really isn’t a substitute to explain these things, it’s really hard to put into words what hasn’t yet been formed. That’s why I laugh at schools, the system and anything logical because it is just that, complex and irrelevant. We have a feminine side of the mind that connects with all knowledge in the akasha including your higher self (unconscious).

Still wondering why 90% of the population is right-handed, hence why they hit students for being lefties – back in the day. They do not want us to think out of the box, and attain all of the knowledge, no they want control and power. They do not have the best interests for us, so it is about time that we take back our power, there’s literally no need to have jobs and work endless hours on creating anything which isn’t devoted to development of our race.

There’s only one way out, taking responsibility.