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The Middle Pillar from Israel Regardie and Initation Into Hermetic’s by Franz Bardon is what you need.


FYI, I am left handed… just sayin’…


Got it. Thanks.


Makes sense, you have good humor and creativity. Not to mention your receptivity to these subjects, most logical people will simply dismiss them, these will include famous scientists, psychologists, doctors, etc. All of those who still think and use logic, instead of the infinite intelligence of our minds.


If you’re interested I have pdf’s for you, get yourself an E-Reader and Quantum Limitless Stage 3 and you should be good to go.


That would be great. I already have an E-Reader and Quantum Limitless Stage 3 :nerd_face:


Lefties unite. I’m just nosily snooping.


This thread aint Mind’s Nose Q :rofl:



This book also comes highly recommended. It’s a good idea to read it first before jumping in as it 1) requires quite a commitment but 2) is harmful if left incomplete.



Thanks for the recommendation!

Now, who’s going to recommend the Book of Vishanti to me?


Here you go. Let me know if you need anything else.



Is this your website?


No it isn’t :smile: I know for a fact that Hermit isn’t 45 years old


Friday, run full Identification Exposure Protocol on The Ancient One…


What have your experiences with ME been so far? I already shared alot but I saw little from others


That would fulfill my Good Will Hunting goals


Another thing I have noticed this far is that my mind is about to become a “3D-engine for physical simulations” like the engines used for game development.
For example when I imagine a heavy ball floating in midair and when I “let go” off it, it drops as hard as it would in real life, and when it touches the ground it would not bounce off but have a heavy impact on the ground and then roll to the side.

That’s a good example. I can also do this with comparisons. I can put this ball and an orange in midair and let both of them fall at the same moment and watch how the ball drops to the ground like a stone while the orange needs a split second more time to reach the ground. This reminded me of Armstrong’s experiment on the moon, where he would drop a hammer and a feather. When I thought of that, the orange behaved as if it was on the moon, physically speaking.

So tl;dr: I got my own physics engine in my mind.


You are fast turning into Nikola Tesla my friend.


Ironically, I was always the worst in physics :sweat_smile:


Oh btw the same happens when I imagine smashing objects to a wall, for example a banana.
I can just throw it and watch it burst and then I can stop the time and see all the particles frozen in the air.
It’s really cool to observe.
Have you tried some visualization exercises with Mind’s Eye?