Main Disc. Thread: Paragon Complete Ultima (Formerly Primarch Complete)


You know you want to.:sunglasses:


After reading the program description again, more carefully this time, I may revise that. The results of the tester with the kidney cyst who used name embedment are very impressive, and right now name embedment is only possible by creating an Ultima custom.

So that’s something to think about.


Tata Tata ta
Instant buy
No questions I have



Ok, my wife gets her annual MRI in a couple weeks here, then we’ll see what this sucker can do about MS.


Please let me know @COWolfe
I am very interested in the results.
I have a fuckt up shoulder since 5 months and Wil test Paragon in 2 hours


try adding Fortune’s Favorite or Inner Circle


@SaintSovereign - WOW! It is finally here! And you know what is even more interesting? I just woke up to this news after having a cool long-ass dream about being a Primarch kicking some xeno ass. I never had a dream related to 40k! Until today! Now if that isn’t a sign from the universe, I don’t know what is. THANK YOU! And to @Fire too!

This is an immediate purchase for me for a glorious new 2021!!!


Absolutely! Paragon Ultima along with Dragon Reborn is the ultimate healing stack!


And am so grateful, man!


will it help with balding ?


Am guessing you mean balding. So regarding that, I wonder how much physical shifting it will perform. SaintSovereign did mention that when he ran it as a test, it affected the size of his manhood. Would this carry over to other things like height or hair or anything else, @SaintSovereign?

EDIT: I got the answer for that in the sales page. Paragon uses physical shifting technology for physical healing and removing pain. Am guessing that any more physical shifting than that would happen if we can direct our hair follicles to heal or something. Would love a confirmation on this though


Listening to my first loop of Paragon right now! I feel very relaxed and a warm feeling vibrates in my heart and throat.


You got me, man! Am grinning like the Cheshire Cat right now :grin:. @SaintSovereign, @Fire and team definitely know how to put the happy in “happy new year”


Haha I thought you would be dude, as soon as I read it I knew you’d be wanting it.

Maybe it’ll help post healing?


Hard to say. The healing is going so quickly that it would be hard to gauge whether the sub is helping it.

But on that note, I bought it lol halfway through a loop right now


Makes sense, on the other hand I’m glad the healing is going well for you!

That’s normally me any time I see something shiny haha.
Hope it goes well!


Good to hear that you are already healing very quickly, @Neurokinetic. But am glad you bought Paragon. I just did too. It’s better than any insurance policy and in these times where we got to be careful even when stepping into a hospital, Paragon got our back


Thank you both :slight_smile: it’s been a hell of a two weeks since the surgery but it’s boggled my mind how quickly things turned for the better. My tongue is ~80% healed, the difference between a few days after the surgery and today is like night & day.

I have other health issues which are more mild but nevertheless a concern, so we’ll see how those are affected with Paragon. Stay tuned to my journal for more :wink:

Oh man, before the surgery (and day of) this was such a huge concern for me. I was terrified going into hospitals, even though my city has a relatively low case rate.

Got that right!


thanks for clearing out …my bad…


Balding, which I am experiencing now, seems to be triggered by age- or stress-related shifts in the endocrine profile. You have changes in the amounts of various hormones circulating in the body, and this then signals various physical changes to occur (e.g., loss of muscle tone, fatigue, balding, libido changes, and so on).

So, I think that programs like this (Paragon, Asclepius, Serum X, Emperor Fitness, maybe even QL Stage 1) should be able to help. And if you are able, you can also go to get your current endocrine profile evaluated. You can find out the concentrations in your body of various hormones; which ones seem to be excessive and which ones deficient. Then you can make some informed choices that can help.

I’m currently saving up to get such an evaluation. Haven’t done it yet. So, we’ll see how that goes.