Main Disc. Thread: Paragon Complete Ultima (Formerly Primarch Complete)


It’s the healing method that causes the crazy internal and spiritual changes. We’ve developed this ourselves and we’re 100% sure that no other subliminal producer is using this. It does take some time to see changes and you have to be consistent with it. Also, with Paragon, you can run it like a major subliminal. The more loops, the better. I’m up to four a night, will test five tonight.


Please make sure you see a qualified medical professional for any issues you may have, though.


Not sure. If the balding is caused by some kind of medical illness, possibly.


When we saw the results, our mouths dropped. We knew that Paragon was potent just due to the quick internal shifts we all felt (everyone except @DarkPhilosopher, who feels nothing on any sub ever), but that was just unexpected.


Will do, @SaintSovereign. I just feel more safer with Paragon. Didn’t expect you to release it in the first week of January itself. Thought it would be February atleast for Paragon/Primarch to see the light of day. Am so glad for this pleasant surprise, man


I suppose Paragon provides prophylactic benefits and improves our general health too, right?


What sort of time frame are we talking about here?

Also, in general I get the sense that SubClub’s timeline has sped up again.


thanks for the infos…I will look into it…by the way…QL doesn’t help it…it improved my eye sights somehow not hair loss…


@SaintSovereign for porn induced ED, would you recommend stack paragon and Diamond… Or is diamond sufficient


Turning back the clock is not always a straightforward thing, and sometimes is not possible at all.

It will probably end up being a combination of things. And it’s almost certain that it’ll involve some degree of lifestyle change (e.g., exercise, nutritional, rest changes) in addition to subliminal exposure.

and also what Saint says. There are multiple possible causes for baldness. Some are more easily reversible than others. But a typical one is age-related male-pattern baldness.


Which ultima would you recommend for melting fat? I don’t want to dilute my stack by adding emperor fitness into it.


@Azriel you should try this for tinnitus!

Also just throwing this out there but perhaps EF can benefit from an update with the new physical tech given that it’s the flagship fitness subliminal… EF v2? :wink:

Note to Saint

I have quantitative data to do a EF vs EF v2 since EF is in my custom right now and I’ve recorded 1 year worth of data for my workout progress.


Not sure if Paragon would help – it’s broadly scripted, so it can help A LOT of things, but you might do better to stack Diamond with something like Sex Mastery X (or SMXU).


Beast Within + Beast Unleashed + Exercise.


Yes. Some have reported an improvement, others have not. Something like that would take a long time to fix with a subliminal.


Thank you so much @SaintSovereign and @Fire for this jewel. I am in the first loop of Paragon. It is like a scan at the beginning, starting from the head and going down. After that there is energy around arms, legs etc. I hope it will stop my stiff neck (2 days with already )


Oh shit, just saw this is a new program…dope.

Paragon! that’s the plan


Can this be used for an ear issues/ tinnitus?
it is highly unlikely my issues are related to ultrasonic but not 100% certain. (I read the medical disclaimer)


Well this help with neurological disorders like dyslexia and dyspraxia? Or would QLSt1 be better?

AzrielLight EmperorQ

Big step for me but I bought it. In deciding whether to buy or not I asked the universe for a response from my cards and got the following response:

"Card 37. Consciousness. This is a powerful card of change - not physically, but mentally, on a subconscious level/ There is a healing of your thought processes, old patterns and way of being. There is a large spiritual force working with you now helping to re-balance the mental body.

"You are finding greater clarity and new ways of dealing with life experiences. Your inner work has brought you here. You are in the flow of healing. This is a powerful step toward becoming and outwardly expressing your True state of Being.


I like that.

I’m thinking to buy Paragon Complete Ultima once I end my current Subliminal Washout. I plan to play it as a bedtime track.

I think that following your example, I’ll consult the Yi Jing on this idea and then possibly post the response that I receive.