Main Disc. Thread: Paragon Complete Ultima (Formerly Primarch Complete)


@SaintSovereign Does Paragon do anything for mental and emotional issues such as depression or anxiety?


I’d assume based off a previous answer that that’s more to do with Dragon Reborn and that’s the primary goal of DR. Whereas this one is for physical healing which is a primary goal for this.


I figured as much but knowing that depression is often linked to a chemical imbalance in the brain I thought I would ask


The same could be asked regarding ADHD because that has a lot to do with an underdeveloped frontal lobe in the brain that regulates impulse control and decision making and planning


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Does Paragon Ultima have any of the COVID experimental scripting?


Hope to get my copy soon enough and will provide feedback related to healing the eyes. I’m confident the Ultima can handle it.

I’m all-in regarding restoring my previous eye sight.


I am just listening to the first loop of this. Feeling drowsiness. Really enjoyable relaxing.


I’ve been remiss in not giving a shout-out to Robin Hobb’s liveship Paragon here. (no relation, I’m assuming, but still.)


Cover art’s a wee bit corny, but, trust me, these books are truly wonderful.

That’s Paragon reaching down protectively in the picture.


I bought this one to be able to get better sleep, and I’ve been getting really deep sleep. I find myself being able to breathe easier as I listen to it, even though I don’t have problems in that area. I felt a lot of heat the first night. I’ve also felt all this heat on two different occasions out of nowhere in the middle of the day.


@SaintSovereign or anybody else with a similar experience, this might be too personal but, you mentioned in an older conversation that you were taking a kinda TRT (Clomid and AI), has Paragon helped in any way?
I certainly subscribe to the idea that modern life exposes us (voluntarily or involuntarily) to many more hormone disrupters than say a couple of hundred years ago.
Age undoubtedly impacts our hormones and it’s difficult to isolate any particular factor in a short space of time but it would be interesting to hear whether you, or anyone else, have already started noticing any healing from this subliminal in that area.


Is Paragon only to be run whilst at rest ? or can it be run whilst multitasking ?


I’ve run it while multitasking, and it still works - the first few days I ran it it made me feel ill every time (some kind of cleansing reaction I think). It can definitely knock you out though, so might be best not to run it when you have a lot to get done.

Also, I think all subs work better if you run them while meditating. Quieting the mind and opening yourself up seems to reduce resistance. If you have a serious health issue, it might help if you put aside an hour to meditate while running a loop of Paragon.


My dad had a c4/c5 fusion surgery in 2018 because of a pinched nerve. He has a rod in his neck. He can barely move his arm at this moment. Do you think Paragon would help him? @SaintSovereign


Heard a loop… Sleep is nowhere to be found


I tweaked my right back shoulder trap area a few days ago and I’m curious if Paragon would help with that ?

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@StateOfBeing, @JCast - Paragon Complete Ultima (PCU) is supposed to help in ALL types of physical healing. Follow whatever your doctor advices you along with PCU


I’m a little confused…didn’t project Hero still have plenty of time before its completion? Is the “Complete” in PCU supposed to indicate that this project is completed?


I’m not Saint, but really, there’s one way to find out. It’s not going to do him any harm, so why not try it.


Same with me
I have been listening for a week now ,
I don’t feel sleepy at all witj this


I broke the tail end of my two off days so I can run Elixir and then Paragon Complete right after before bed