Main Disc. Thread: Paragon Complete Ultima (Formerly Primarch Complete)


I have been listening this since launch .

Not any major health concerns with me blur u did injure my elbow while pull ups .

First three days on this , pain went bad , but my elbow area would get super cold while listening, now pain has started diminishing but still I feel cold in elbow area while listening.
May be subconscious has own ways of healing but I do feel it’s getting healed and I feel better than what it was before l

Let me observe what happens in coming week .


please report whatever you find.


Guys I think it’s safe to say Paragon complete is intended to support with any and all physical issues and/or pain.(In addition obviously seek appropriate medical treatment and clearance). I imagine it is intended to supports/heal neurological and spiritual/emotional to the degree they cause physical pain/chronic issues as well, although that I am not clear on.


My wife has much less painful menstruation since she is listening to it. In fact she was even reporting no pain at all 2 days ago. It is the first time in her life to have no pain during this period :wink:


@Azriel Not a whole lot to report . I felt some minor relief but I most likely have to run Paragon for an extended period of time for it to address the issues have


great recovery power


Not particularly. Don’t really need that to heal your muscles and correct your posture.


Yes, I feel incredible and I mentioned in another thread that Paragon has enhanced my sexual performance. That being said, I did take Clomid at one point, which might’ve kickstarted my natural hormone production again. I feel it’s Paragon, though.




No, it’s because we have other Paragon titles coming. One specifically for migraines, for example.


That’s really interesting.
Makes me think that doing Paragon and Diamond together, one could end up with stones of gold hanging between their legs :slight_smile:
Sorry couldn’t resist the silly wordplay.
Joking aside, great potential synergies for some people.


Oh the sub is pushing me to walk again .
I used to walk 5 miles every day before corona but then things changed now I found myself walking again all of sudden .
There must be some scripting in it .
Also I don’t feel like eating at night and I am eating more healthy , also craving for food is gone .


@SaintSovereign what about one for heart and chest conditions?


I understand, but it can help, or?

I mean, seems like it would help with that based on the healing aspects you mention. Isn’t it so?

I feel like overall things are better either way although again I am doing many things, I just felt instant results from Paragon as well e.g. muscles vibrating etc.

Do you mean one doesn’t need it? I think it can help though, isnt it so? And also depending on the root of the issue and other things that may accompany it… so far I feel like it is helping.


You should see a doctor for that. But Complete is what one would run for this.



What are your thoughts on the physical healing aspect regarding healing of musculoskeletal system, nerves, biomechanics, etc. Is there any reason it may not work for any of these? Because in theory from the limited info I have I believe it should, but I would love to know because that’s the main reason I am listening to it. And I think you have mentioned pain on the sales copy, so that’s why I’d like to know. Can you please confirm? Because your last response has me a bit confused on whether it would work for this or not.

Thank you.


:stuck_out_tongue: I’ve got a migraine today, looking forward to this sub!

edit: Just bought Paragon complete…


Didn’t even get halfway through, migraine is nearly completely gone. :astonished:


Hey @SaintSovereign I’m curious about this Ultima title

Does Paragon has the potential to cure skin conditions such as eczema or dermatitis?
Can it heal it permanently, or maybe control it?


Paragon Tinnitus would be a good one, it would enable people to listen to your subs longer without self-damage :wink: