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It is like when you see the image in your mind that bother you or there is attitude that you want to change and there is tension that start growing in your body but you keep imagening this until the tension is gone and the image doesn’t bother you anymore.
I used another video on youtube for that purpose but it is a lot more stressful. In Khan Q it works a lot faster and smoother.


@btaras I sort of noticed that a bit when I was running Total Breakdown a couple of months ago. I got a bit concerned at times because I was floating between feeling like I was constantly having an existential crisis to feeling completely apathetic about almost everything


I would recommend for everyone to read or watch video about vagus nerve. The weak vagus nerve makes you more stressful because in many situations we use sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) instead of using parasympathetic one.


Sometimes I honestly feel that , that is my main goal or goals at the moment. To just do what needs to be done it is and not be stressed out by whatever it is or emotionally invested or attached to it. As weird as that sounds.


I don’t think that it is possible to be completely apathetic unless there is some depression. I just see some childish behavior in some situations or worry that is not usefull and try to delete it. With that I get freedom. I often try to delete ego, self-image that I don’t like but the real me will always be the same.


Yeah I agree . I see a lot of people having these incredibly unhealthy responses to often very trivial things including myself and obviously I can’t change other people but I can change myself. For me a lot of it is just being able to relax and not take everything seriously or over think shit. Just let shit go, live my life, listen to metal , and not give a fuck if my cat insists on licking his junk twenty times a day within eye shot


NOTICE: Looks like I uploaded the wrong ultrasonic file for Iron Throne (but ONLY on the standalone listing, not those who got it as a pre-order bonus) – uploaded regular Primal Seduction instead. It’s been fixed.


Alchemist Q now available! You know the drill by now.




Appears in my downloads, but when I click I get an Access Denied error.

The other subs are fine to download.


i get access denied too. Only stage 4 will download but it seems to be original Alchemist


“This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.”

That’s the message I got.


Try again, ya’ll. Misconfiguration issue.


I noticed that all files have the same size: 84.380 KB.

By all I mean EmperorQ, all AlchemistQ ST’s, Astral ProjectionQ and Remote ViewingQ.

So, just in case, I’d like to know if tha’t’s correct and everything is fine.


Of course they have the same file size – the scripts are being put through an automated system that applies the same settings every time, that’s the point. The hash files, however, are different:


I know it’s a minor point, but having the same volume on all the subs is great. Stacking subs with different volumes can be really jarring.


I thank you for the answer, but it’s not “of course”, because we, costumers, are not suppose to know such things and the question is fair, considering that there were files names as “Q” that I downloaded that weren’t Q. So, I thought it could be some kind of error the files with the same size.

I’m not trying to mess things up here, just asking because to clarify the situation.


Hey @SaintSovereign thank you for the awesome product upgrades!!
Ive just downloaded Alchemist ST4 Q ultrasonic and something weird happened. Its the same size, duration and mame tags as regular Alchemist st4, even foobar recongnizes it as regular Alchemist.
Any idea about what happened?


We actually hard coded a volume limiter into the latest version of Q to address this issue. Once I finish with EoG and Emperor Fitness, I’ll send StarkQ and AI: COVID-19 to make those uniform with the rest.

Limit Destroyer Q masked--lower volume than other Q titles
Main Dev. Thread - StarkQ

You must’ve ran the incorrect file. Alchemist Q is 1 hour exactly, Alchemist is 45 minutes. The name tags aren’t the same, I just verified it myself. Stage 1 is listed as: “Subliminal Club - Alchemist Q ST1 (Masked)” and “Subliminal Club - Alchemist Q ST1 (Ultrasonic)”.

I also just verified that the proper download links are listed in all three versions of Alchemist. Your software may have an option to automatically update ID tags from the Internet, which could cause it to switch to the original Alchemist.