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Thanks, its not the software tagging cause the names are like the regular alchemist when i open the file in winrar. I made sure i clicked on the right link, the one that says Alchemist Q.
Gonna do it again to see if i get it right


I just downloaded and verified the files myself:


I get this results

Alchemist Q st 1 mask and ultra
Alchemist Q st2 mask and ultra
Alchemist Q st3 masked
Alchemist st3 ultra
Alchemist st4 masked and ultra

And made sure im clicking the right links



PM me your order number.


A very small number of accounts didn’t get updated to the latest version of Alchemist Q. If you’re one of those people please PM me.


Thanks Saint for the quick response and solution!!


How do we know if we did or didn’t


It won’t be in your account.


Wait is EOG getting Blue Skies? Also is there anything comparatively different than the last edition? Gonna run Ascended Mogul Q and start with either ST1 or ST4 of EOGQ


Lol oh well that makes that easy :rofl: I thought it was related to joa93’s issue. Ok then that’s fine, I got all of them. They all seem to be in order. Thanks again SC team! You guys rock!

  1. No Blue Skies. That’s still experimental and subject to testing.

  2. The difference is that the Q protocol leads to smoother, faster, and more powerful results.


MUCH Faster. I don’t think i have ever had results this fast before from a subliminal.


Mind sharing?


I have to say I am impressed with your work ethics and how you are looking out for your customers. I do have to say I am impressed that you upgraded all your products in just one week! To me that just goes to show that you guys know what you are doing. Keep up the great work!


It just begs the question of how awesome the Q will be and how soon it will be released.

A buffet of Q-powered subliminal modules to create my own custom subliminal makes me… salivate :open_mouth:


And the fact you didn’t make us pay again for them, considering the low prices.


Sub club guys really care about providing a real value. Instead of making money on upgrades, like the other producer(s) do, who won’t hesitate charging you the same price for a newer version.

This is one of the reasons I love Subliminal Club <3.


Anyone else download godlike masculinity and not get a Q version or atleast no Q version in the title?


Yep - the same for me.

Since the name of the files is still different than the regular GM file, I guess it is q-powered. It is also 10min shorter if I’m not mistaken.

So Godlike masculinity is Q-powered even though it doesn’t have Q in the name.

@SaintSovereign Maybe you can change the name of the file and add in “Q” to avoid constantly answering the same questions in the future : )


Free upgrades rock