Main Disc. Thread - PROJECT: A Chorus Is Rising


Now beginning work on EoG Q.


People, I asked you all to send me a PM with bugs. Comments like this could get lost. When it’s fixed, I’ll make a public announcement.


Yes! Patience has paid off!


Confirmed. The correct files were uploaded, just tagged improperly. It’s been fixed and you can re-download if you like.


Limit Destroyer Q is 30 mins long . Right ?


Sorry long morning wasn’t thinking when i posted that


@btaras I was thinking about what we had discussed and I think apathy was the wrong word or term. What I am going for as weird as this may sound is more of a healthy detachment .Especially to those things that are out of my control or if a plan I make doesn’t go as intended. If that makes sense?


@SaintSovereign have you tried the new Sex Mastery Q yet? :wink:
Wondering how Q effects Weapon X subs…


Yes. What I realised is when I have strong attachment to something, feel anxiety, the root problem is in my childhood or I am afraid that the problem will change my self-esteem.
Being child I liked when someone give me things from outside without any work. Also I thought that I need some things very much and not getting what I wished caused anxiety and stress.
And I took this behaviour in my adulthood where the world should bring me good life, people like me for no reason.
But what I realized the most pleasure and strength I get when I go toward my goals, give value, help and support someone and not attached to outcome.
About self-esteem problem need to not take yourself so serious and to cultivate feeling that nothing can change who you are from outside. Easier said than done.
Total breakdown should help with that but you need to consciously decide what emotion or self -image is wrong in particular situation and look at it until it will not be removed. When you see the image (often from the past) and there is growing tension in your body or even your body starts shaking, it is a good sign. You need to stay until the symptoms are gone. Also good to check other similar situations if you still have those emotions. It works for me.
I believe that it is important for happiness to have strong desires and go toward them but as an adult without childish neediness. With failure it is ok to have “bad” emotions but it shouldn’t crush the world.


I’m on a sub washout for a few days. Reconciliation from Blue Skies is part of the reason why I made so many small mistakes in regards to tagging, linking wrong files, etc. Took a lot of willpower to even work, and I’m only running 1-2 loops for a few days, then going on a washout.

It’s the oddest title I’ve ever run, with weird inconsistent results. At its peak, you feel like a literal god, capable of accomplishing anything. While reconciling, you just wanna go somewhere and process. It’s not even an “emotional pain,” so to speak. It’s literally like you’re processing some deep secrets about yourself and your place in the universe…


That’s scary attractive!:thinking:


Now you’re just teasing us.

I want.


@SaintSovereign Any idea when EOGQ will be up?


Maybe this is how subs should be, used every so often instead of everyday, powerful enough to make you feel like that at it’s peak, but you’d have to stop after the peak. Kinda like a workout, you don’t want to overtrain which can injure you and ruin your gains, but you do want a workout intense enough to require a few days of rest afterwards.


Ecstasy of Gold Q is now available. You know the drill – it should already be in your account. Up next is Emperor Fitness, and then we’re done with the upgrades. Afterwards, we’ll have a fireside chat, roast marshmallows over the fire and discuss what’s next. :wink:


Are changes to the description of each product coming soon?


Probably once they update emp fitness to Q they will work on that next


Does the new ascension or mogul have anti porn scripting ?


Thanks again for these upgrades!

It sounds like they will be awesome.


I’m thinking EOGQ Stage 1 is probably the most powerful audio I have listened to from Subliminal Club so far. Definitely bringing all my fears and worries about money and/or the lack of it to the surface