Main Disc. Thread - PROJECT: A Chorus Is Rising


Can you elaborate? : )


Lifelong worries about not having enough or not being able to make enough to pay for things so I can take care of myself and my family. Terrified of ending up homeless


As much anxiety as this is bringing up I am sticking with EOGQ for the long haul. I was reading the sales page again last night and with long term exposure each the first two stages will definitely help me get to a place I have long wanted to be


Also with learning bad financial habits from my parents and step parents as well as either always living paycheck to paycheck and constantly feeling like you have an invisible ceiling on how much you are able to make or bring home. It’s just always been an extreme source of anxiety for me. Rarely if ever have I had any breathing room or felt like I could relax even a little.


Do you plan to run Khan Q Total Breakdown? You had very good results from the non-Q version


Remember: Gotta take action while running it. Money can’t just manifest from nowhere. Always have to provide a pathway of manifestation. Start a side hustle, look for new job opportunities, etc.


We are all ears, o,m sure alot of the q stuff got big updates. In particular khan


@SaintSovereign I know. I am already working on various opportunities. @King probably not. Given what @SaintSovereign said about AscensionQ I am going to run that alongside EOGQ because to be 100% transparent my confidence has been in the toliet for a while now and I can’t run the risk of any more anxiety popping up and becoming detrimental to my present situation and goals. Given how much anxiety was triggered because of EOGQ I may force myself to run AscensionQ until I am mentally and emotionally in a much better place. I’m not going to hold back here folks. Yeah I talk about wanting money and this , that , or whatever but if I can’t have the confidence and belief in myself to live my life without all the ridiculous hangups that have been instilled in me growing up then I feel like I will just be spinning my wheels. Right now more than ever I just need the confidence to be able to just say " fuck it" to whatever gets in my way be it a person or an adversity


@SaintSovereign. What would be your advice on running Mogul as a (pseudo-)stacking module with Ecstasy of Gold (to bolster short-term effects)?


I’m doing the same. Although since q is 3-6 times what it usually is; ima listen to ST1 of EOG Q at night than everything else during the day.



I’m on Khan Q stage 1 for complete breakdown and healing in this lockdown.

I’ve been stacking with QLQ for increasing intelligence in life and business in general.

Is QLQ learning scripting too much for my purposes of brain development?


It’s possible, if you can handle it. I would try EoGQ first, then decide.


QLQ and Limitless are the best programs for that, so you’ve picked correctly.


@Fire will adding StarkQ on top of kq and qlq make my stack too heavy?

Before Q, 2 multistages and a major program would have been too heavy a stack, what about now?

How about post Q ?


It depends, however it’s likely to be too much. Remember, those are multistage subliminals. You are free to experiment and report back though.


Thank you for the advice, @Fire.

That’s what I’ll do.


I remember you saying total breakdown q was the post powerful then ascension q now eog q
So out of all eog q is the most you would say ?


@Grimm1390 Great question. I honestly feel all the Q titles are equal in how powerful they are. I said what I did because I didn’t think that each would have the almost instantaneous instantaneous impact that they do. I was talking with my wife a couple of hours ago and we went over the catalog of titles and her knowing me as well as she does and can see things that I can’t suggested I run AscendedMogulQ together with EOGQ. Sort of in the same way that @SaintSovereign posted about running StarkQ and LimitlessQ together


If one loop of single stage subs like ascension or mogul equal about 6 loops now how about stacking subs like godlike masculinity and limit destroyer ? These scripts are much smaller so 1 loop of these now would equal how many loops now ?


@Grimm1390 that is something you would have to ask either @Fire or @SaintSovereign. Given that those titles are only 30 minutes in length vs 6O minutes on the full titles that its probably fair to say it’s half that. But I could very well be wrong