Main Disc. Thread - PROJECT: A Chorus Is Rising


@mecharc I have been fighting myself not to run QLQ because I have for most of my life have had my intelligence questioned by those around me because I have ADHD but wasn’t diagnosed until I was 38. I will be 52 in July. There are and have been so many times where I feel like I something doesn’t click like it should and I don’t know if that’s because I have ADHD or because of some internal issues and blocks from being endlessly told growing up that I was either stupid or possibly partially retarded. Obviously intellectually I know I’m not but on an emotional or subconscious level I know I still question myself. Especially when I make mistakes.


@fire, did you include New Beginnings in EOG ST1 and Kahn TB? I’ve been reading reactions from individuals using the Q versions, so I’m wondering.


Boxing Mastery X now available:



Emperor Fitness Q is now available. Thus concludes this project. I’m gonna take a break tonight. Will release more information regarding Q when I get back.


Is AuraQ 1 hour long?


yep. 1 hour.

That’s interesting. The other stacking modules are 30 minutes.

but Inner Circle is 30 minutes.


Seems like inner circle is no longer a major program.


Hmm…yes. I suppose it must be a less-dense script.

In any event, I really value it, so, as far as I’m concerned, it’s major.


Can you share some results you experienced with Inner Circle?


So far, the biggest and most concrete result is that I’ve been brought into contact with the company of Ramit Sethi. That’s actually represented an investment–of money–at this point. I’ve paid for and am working with his Earnable course which is geared toward mentoring people through developing profitable businesses. I’m starting slow, but what else is new.

Apart from that, I’ve noticed an increased sensitivity to guidance, inspiration from diverse sources. And there have been some fun synchronicities, of connecting with information or people that are relevant to my aspirations and goals.


That’s amazing! Ramit is awesome --> been watching his interview with Jay Abraham. Amazing content.

Definitely going to try out Inner Circle during summer - when hopefully the lockdown is gone.


If you give him the stare, he’ll back down immediately. He don’t want any of that.


Still looking forward to your Sex Mastery Q review :smile:


A Sex Mastery Q review would definitely be appreciated.


I love these Q titles.

Increased potency.

And stacking becomes ridiculously easy.

Think about it.

Once you’ve gone through an entire run with a given subliminal, the grooves are pretty much established in your mind. So, you don’t really have to worry too much about it being in conflict with whatever you add later.

If you want to keep a title on a maintenance basis, or if at some point you want to ‘recharge’, all you need to do is add in just 1 loop per day, and that’ll probably be enough. That is awesome.

And imagine how your stack will evolve over the long-term. As your mind grows, it becomes better able to accommodate a very wide range of programs that you’ve worked with in the past.



The awesome part is the tech will only get better so more advancement means cooler programs and things that we once thought impossible are highly possible.


Customer alerted us to the fact that we forget to update Ascension for Women to Q. Should be available now.


Havent tried Sex Mastery Q yet to its fullest…i enjoy the kick and animalistic dominance of the older sub. It seems the new version is way more smooth on that part.


Actually the scripts haven’t changed much, the only thing that changed is the build method. So basically it will not really change the results, besides making it more effective and potent. The only reason you haven’t noticed the dominant and animalistic behavior from Sex Mastery Q is because you haven’t had enough exposure time on it. While on the older version that archetype has been build for a very long time according to your journal.