Main Disc. Thread - PROJECT: A Chorus Is Rising


Using multiple voices concurrently in the subs to increase impact.


@SaintSovereignis keeping us something to look forward to in these times of lockdown . I am excited to what it will be .


I think that one’s vaporware by now. If Saint wanted to, he could have finished it a while back, but he keeps finding new and shiny things that are more interesting to him. So it seems poor little Mind’s Eye has been moved to the dusty old corner of the hard drive. It’s about priorities and ME seems to have none. Too bad, really.

Don’t you think this one would be too obvious? They would probably call it a new tech or something.

I do think the term “project” in the title is saying something.

Heck, it could just be the official release of Q’s front-end. With all its different modules, that would be a chorus. As would the exclamations of joy from all the SubClub users. :wink:


What, you mean like


Exactly, I don’t recall Saint having used the term “project” to describe a new subliminal before.

In this case then, you could be correct. It could describe another evolution in the tech. But those are usually announced upon release, not beforehand.


Naw – It’s not vaporware, nor have I had the time to do it. Between keeping my family safe during quarantine, my day job, and most of all – getting Q ready for launch (which involves creating a custom backend to the SubClub store AND a custom eCommerce implementation for the Q store), ME simply took a back seat. It’s still coming. Ya’ll chill out, we’ve been dropping cool stuff nonstop, and this one is going to take the community by storm.


Like I said, new and shiny things nonstop, like Q and Stark.

Nothing wrong with that, I can see how it makes sense. You had the time, and chose to spend it on those things instead. But what if something else comes up? The next great idea or the next awesome Q-module. You may find yourself prioritizing those over Mind’s Eye. Once again, nothing wrong with that. But it does make Mind’s Eye sound like that one ToDo that we keep putting off all the time. :slight_smile:

This one is going to take the community by storm? Mind’s Eye or Chorus?

Next project: The Calm Before the Storm.

Then: The Eye of the Storm.

Finally: The Aftermath.

Sound like the titles of my three next fiction books. A DarkPhilosopher Trilogy.

PS This is not a Mind’s Eye thread,sorry. I’m moving on now…


Q is NOT a “shiny thing,” it’s the culmination of what we’ve been trying to achieve since we started SubClub. People keep asking why we kept our day jobs – The answer is Q. Originally, we named it SubClub Prime, which was going to be a subscription / customization service. Search for it here, it’s one of the earliest posts you’ll find.

StarkQ has been scripted for months now – it’s creation didn’t take away from Mind’s Eye, but we were waiting for a stable version of Q so we could test it when creating an actual title that we intended to sell.

Project “A Chorus is Rising” also isn’t a “shiny toy.” It’s the next step of this company’s growth, which will free up time for us to create the titles that people need.

Mind’s Eye is interesting, but it isn’t going to change people’s lives the way Q and this project will. It’ll happen when the time is right.


Okay, maybe shiny was one word too many. I apologize. I know how much effort and attention has gone into Q. Didn’t mean to make it sound less than it is.

I see, you are hiring 100 people to do all the work you and Fire were doing on your own before. A chorus of people. :slight_smile:

I wonder if blackadder applied for the job of communications director.


No need for apologies, you’re welcome to your opinion. I just don’t want the community thinking we’re just ignoring Mind’s Eye for no reason. We didn’t actually expect Q to progress as fast as it did. Once Coronavirus hit, our programmers had much more time to work on it and we pivoted. Mind’s Eye has NOT been forgotten, however and it’s legit still under development.


So embedding watermarks is done and the only thing left for Q is to be put on the SubClub store? sounds complicated but I bet a few good devs can make those changes to the store pretty quickly.


It’s Saturday afternoon and I’m in great anticipation of what this possibly could be!


So A Chorus Is Rising is the next big sub? Or is it something completely new that you haven’t made yet?


You’ll know soon, lol. I hate to keep teasing, but it’s legit coming soon. We’ve been working non-stop on getting this done.



Seriously though, my hands are more than full enough with the great programs that I already am running. It’ll be exciting to see what’s coming next.


So like tonight soon or in a few days soon… the suspense is eating away at me lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I am just messing take as long as you need, I am very excited to see what it is and for Q to launch already lol, really want some Q updated subs like AM and UA lol


With todays technology it should be possible to make the voices synthetically sound like Tony Stark etc in the movies, so Chorus brings us authority figure voices straight into our subconcious minds with the messages we want.


This is the clue as to the nature of A Chorus is Rising.

It will free up time. It’s the next step of the company’s growth.

Something that currently takes up time will be automatized…or delegated.

It’s got to be related either to production or to marketing and distribution. or one more possibility is that it’s about customer service and information.

Q, though we don’t know precisely what it is due to copyright, is already saving lots of time with production by automatizing module selection-based script programming and formatting.

What else could be done for production? Integration of customer-recorded statements. That’s one possibility. A feature for us to record statements that get integrated into our subliminals? hmm… nah. But possible.

Marketing and distribution? I’ve got not ideas for that part.

Customer Service/Q&A. hmmm…I can think of some things but they don’t seem like it either.

I guess it’s most likely to be production-related.

A Chorus Is Rising. I’m completely unfamiliar with the original reference. (Runs off to play Final Fantasy for the first time in order to understand what that might mean.)

No time, for that, unfortunately. Back to weekend-working.


It is SubClub T-Shirts and merch!


Alright, time to spill the beans, as the cat will be out of the bag soon anyway…

I’ll make it short and sweet: within the next few hours, new, upgraded, Q-powered versions of EVERY single stage subliminal we’ve ever created (which includes Primal Seduction: Iron Throne) will be available for download. Products that were ultrasonic only – like Muay Thai Mastery X and Gaming Mastery X – will be available in both masked and ultrasonic formats now. We’re also releasing Boxing Mastery X, a script we finished quite some time ago, but never got around to releasing. Upgrades to multistage subs will be rolled out over the next two - three days.

We didn’t just take the scripts and run them through Q. We poured over years of feedback and added features to each and every title. It’s going to take awhile to update all of the copy and such, but the gist of the matter is that every title will bring results much faster and those results will be more profound.

And of course… these upgrades are absolutely FREE to those who have already purchased a title and is included with future purchases. Just gotta finish a bit more tidying up, and then I’ll pull the trigger to update existing orders.