Main Disc. Thread - PROJECT: A Chorus Is Rising


This is amazing, really appreciate the work you guys put in.


Probably not the most important question at this time, but could you explain the “A Chorus Is Rising” reference, and how is this something that no other subliminal producer has ever done?

Many thanks for all the hard work!!!


Name another subliminal producer that rewrote and upgraded their entire catalog, including multi-stages, in a little over a week?



Thanks @SaintSovereign. Will there be any updates to the marketing copies?


See above plz.


I wouldnt know. I only follow SubClub :wink:


Btw, I am getting a lil wet just thinking about Alchemist Q!!!


I’ll give ya a hint – no one. Q made this possible.

It’ll be here tomorrow, Tuesday at the latest. :wink:


So excited to hear this news @SaintSovereign , this company is ahead of the pack in this industry in ever single way and should no doubt be at the forefront in years to come !
Keep up the amazing work and we will keep spreading the word : )


Excellent work, @SaintSovereign and Fire. Thank you. Especially for keeping the subliminals cost effective, upgrades free and results powerful.


Wait so ascended mogul, emperor, and ecstasy have been upgraded?



Single stage upgrades will go live within the hour. Multistage within the next two days.


Is there going to be a difference from the experimental Emperor Q the testers got and the new Emperor Q that will be uploaded?


Why am I getting a hint that there’s more to it? Although updating every title to latest scripting technology in under a week is what fucking amazing is made up of.

I raised a glass for you dudes at subclub.


Khan Q is coming out soon, OH MY GOD!!!

And here I have Sanguine Q in my downloads now. I wonder how optimistic can I get :slight_smile:

On another note—perfect time for you to release Boxing Mastery X, I just got a punching bag for my home gym @SaintSovereign!


@SaintSovereign - when the subliminals are upgraded, will it show Q along with the subliminal name in the Downloads section? Example - “Ultimate Artist” is “Ultimate Artist Q”


Upgrades for all single stage titles should be live, but there’s bound to be bugs / omissions. Please PM them to me so I can easily keep track of everything.

Grab them from the downloads section under “My Account.” They’ll be marked with the title of the file and “Q”. Multistages will go live within the next 48 hours.



@SaintSovereign - haha well that answers my question.


This news just made my night :heart_eyes:


So I checked my downloads and found an “Emperor Q” and “Emperor Q Test #”. So I assume testing is done? And what would be the differences between the 2?