Main Disc. Thread - PROJECT: A Chorus Is Rising


That’s amazing @SaintSovereign.
Thank you so much for all hard work and such a generous gesture .


How about stack modules from super chargers like creativity unleashed and centurion?


No, those are considered courtesy bonuses and haven’t been updated in some time.


Thank you so much for all the hard work on these… You guys are amazing

So what is chorus project rising? Is it something having to do with Q and maybe something with super chargers?


Will you also be updating the descriptions on the sales pages on what they have inside them like the sub modules?

Is the EmpQ different from the EmpQ test version at all or is it just the same thing that we tested? @SaintSovereign


@SaintSovereign and @Fire
I believe, I’m falling in love again!
Thank you guys for all this hard and creative work.


Wow. Yes! This is exactly what I want.

I really appreciate this.

Especially being able to work with Emperor Q now! And upgrades for multi-stages? This is awesome.

Thank you very, very much.


PROJECT: A Chorus Is Rising refers to the upgrading of the entire subliminal club library (just about) to a new enhanced delivery method indicated by the letter ‘Q’. The ‘Chorus’ that is rising is the chorus of all subliminal club programs. And they are literally rising to this new standard.

We can see from the tests that have been run so far that there is something new about the smoothness, the ease of reception and integration with these new Q titles. Now everyone gets to experience it.

I’m feeling pretty psyched about this. And it’s freaking generous to make the upgrades available for those programs that were already purchased.


You are the best Subliminalclub :+1::clap:


@SaintSovereign Amazing thank you!

One question: as I download the updates the names of titles always contain “Q” (ex. Sanguine Q).

But when I download the update version of Godlike Masculinity, it just says “Godlike Masculinity (Masked)” and Q is not mentioned.

Is that because the file is just named differently and it is in fact a Q subliminal?


Maybe a glitch and the Q version of GM is not uploaded yet/properly?

Thank you!


Same thing with Primal Seduction & Iron Throne for me.


The new Masked files are about 9 dB lower in Volume compared to StarkQ.

I so wanted to stack EQ with SQ – The Ultimate Sigma Male. :sweat_smile:

Still. Super excited & grateful for this. Thanks @Fire and @SaintSovereign.

:pray:t2: :+1:t2:


Oh man this is awesome! So much gratitude for you guys for making these upgrades free!


Had to re-emphasize this one. Sometimes these jewels get buried and go unnoticed.


An amazing gift. Thank you.



Saint Sovereign and whole SC team you are wonderful.Thank you for very much for this upgrade :slight_smile:


I have bee stepped out of posting my updates because i don’t want to document my problems in life atm. Mainly because i can’t do anything about them Stuck here in Australia

But I’ve been checking Subclub regularly to find out what the Chorus is Rising Project is.

And I just had to thank @SaintSovereign for being so generous :’)

I’m personally grateful that

  • Firstly, My purchase of all Titles combined costs less than 1 multistage title from

Voldemorts Dark Purple Mental Institutions’ scamliminal shop.

  • Moreover, I didn’t have to pay 50% to upgrade titles that i had bought in the last 6 months, or pay full to upgrade the titles i had bought before 6 months


[Mod Edit: @mecharc, be nice :joy: :joy: :joy:]


So when multi stage Is updated later , I am on alchemist stage 3 , so with Q version shall I start again from stage 1 or I just play stage 3 of Q version .?


Last night I downloaded and listened to RebirthQ and RegenerationQ. Very powerful. I have been feeling them both this morning. Probably why I was up at 400am feeling like I was having an existential crisis. Those two together may help me finally resolve some long standing issues and help me on my continued journey of becoming more mentally and emotionally mature