Main Disc. Thread - PROJECT: A Chorus Is Rising


This is awesome. Very grateful.


Probably will try the combo of LimitlessQ and AlchemistQ ST4.


Anyone who had purchased the Primal Seduction pre-order edition and didn’t get the Iron Throne Q upgrade, please check your account now. Should be available.


Different. It has the version you tested, turned up quite a bit.


It wasn’t there this morning when I was updating my library and is now, still no PSQ though


Try now. Should be good.


Wow that came unexpected! :smiley:

Does this mean you already finished adding a new and improved watermark to your subliminals?


Got it, thanks!


Listen to AlchemistQ and become the Sorcerer Supreme.


This is like being a kid on Christmas day not sure which one to download first haha many thanks Saint and fire


The best thing about this is the older subs will be getting some love again.


Been waiting for the Mogul/AM upgrade for TOO BLOODY LONG :rofl:


Sure did. :stuck_out_tongue:


RegenerationQ is really smooth and works. Truthfully, I’ve never had much dreams with the old Regeneration. But I listened to the Q version overnight on ultrasonic and never had any discomfort in my ears and actually had vivid dreams. A lot of violence and injured peacocks and peacock feathers all around me. Wonder what all of this meant.


Subliminal Club:
Boo ya, we just upgraded all our products in seconds! Hold this smoke, bitches.

Some other company:
It’ll work this time… After two years.


Tangential: Is the official naming scheme to put Q right after the product with or without any spaces? E.g. SanguineQ or Sanguine Q. StarkQ did the former but listed downloads seem to be the latter. A minor point but still will impact searchability of posts :slight_smile:


It’s both weird and very cool the experience I have been having running RebirthQ and RegenerationQ. I don’t want to say it’s making or helping me be more stoic because that isn’t it. Definitely more calm and reserved though which I’m loving.



Ascension, QL, StarkQ & Khan before this round of updates


What does this mean?


Ascension getting ostracized by the newer more powerful subs (before this Q update) because it’s older…