Main Disc. Thread - PROJECT: A Chorus Is Rising


That’s how it is sometimes…It’s rather out of the ordinary for subs to get ‘updated,’ props to SubClub for that one. Now where’s my KhanQ?!?


Maybe thier going to do a massive update to khan Q


Looks like the original version of Spartan was removed from my account. Was that version not successful, that it had to be removed? I mean, there were several people who had a successful run after all, right?

Either way, @SaintSovereign can you please elaborate on what is new in Spartan Q (except for the Q-tech update) ? Better physical healing, mindset programming, or is it something else? … maybe stuff from Emperor fitness?


Still lurking around for KhanQ


Reloading my downloads page every hour for that update


Haha, I’m waiting for QLQ


I wish i could activate the 48 hour count down feature


haha. I was doing that too.

The irony. When we become so in love with the telescope that we forget about the stars.

I try to remind myself of this irony. But sometimes it’s easier to think about the Ecstasy of Gold subliminal (the telescope) than it is to think about actually building wealth (the stars).

But I’m creating a false dichotomy here. In fact, it’s possible to be excited about both the telescope AND the stars.


love the analogy


That’s true, it’s also about wanting the next shiny thing, like how people just have to get the next iPhone even tho the one they have is already good enough. It’s a problem I need to work on.


The neurobiologists say that’s the function of dopamine. Sometimes people call it the ‘pleasure chemical’, but it’s actually more of the ‘anticipatory excitement’ chemical. That feeling when you know something good is coming, and you’re motivated to keep checking for it and working for it.

In this case, I don’t think it’s a problem. The subliminal is going to give you real value. So this excited anticipation is not just an empty, artificial dopamine hit with no substance behind it.

That’s actually why I am so happy with this Chorus is Rising thing. I wanted an influx of energy and enhancedness in my subliminal program, but I definitely did not want to leave the titles I’m using. Now with these newer versions, it’s like I’m getting the feeling of beginning a new program but without sacrificing my goals.


Will we have the benefits/ updates of Q, in their respective sales page?


I’ve only ever used the really dense subs, so I’m seeing this as an opportunity to go back to the basics. Bought a couple of the older subs last night, will spend some time with those.


@SaintSovereign download speed is super slow rn…any problem with the server/website?


I hope they are uploading the multi-stage Q upgraded titles!


the website barely loads for me, it’s dead slow. I assume they are doing something on the backend.


They did say it would take 2 days to update Q Multistages from when Q was released for single stage subs. Give them one more day.


I’m not trying to rush things up. Just made a comment on “possible” reasons for the site being slow to download. Not big deal.


Actually, it’s probably the hosting company. Happens from time to time.


So how much more potent is khan total breakdown Q to the original?