Main Disc. Thread - PROJECT: A Chorus Is Rising


When it comes to iron throne I know it’s meant to push you to take action with women but can it also be used to push you to take action to achieve success as well ?


Iron Throne has no support scripting. No healing or things to “make” you do anything. It’s just straight up seduction. That’s why it was a limited sale – was only for those who wanted to get out and hustle.


Hey ya’ll… Quantum Limitless Q is now available. Free upgrade to those who have already purchased it – grab it from your downloads.

Stack this with StarkQ and see what happens. :wink:


Stop giving away my plans before I report them! Was going to start QLQ beginning May 1st alongside StarkQ EmperorQ and AlchQ st4 :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow. Would love to hear about your Alchemist experiences so far.


Feel free to check out my most recent journal (you can also look up my older ones, I think one of them I was running the earlier stages of Alch). I’m really only just starting to rev up my alchemical work but it’s coming along


QL with Quantum Tech was already doing big things. I wonder how much more potent this one with Q is going to be :slight_smile:


@SaintSovereign - Will the Q version of Primal Seduction : Iron Throne be taken down after some time like the previous version?


No, it’s now part of the permanent collection.


Any chance you’d update stack modules or the backing ultrasonic track of superchargers to use Q? Also, what happened to Boxing Mastery X? I didn’t find it on the site


Stack modules are already updated.


I think he meant the stack modules from super chargers


Saint mentioned somewhere that those are considered bonuses and not part of the regular line so they won’t get the Q update


I’m interested in Boxing Mastery X too


Are there big differences between LimitlessQ and QLQST4?


I’m sure the latter is WAY more powerful…


Mjholnir vs Stormbreaker…

Disclaimer: Not sure if this is actually an accurate metaphor, I’m just throwing in mcu references when possible…


It’s coming within the next 24 hours.


Just finished sending Khan Q through Q. Will finish up first thing in the morning.


i am just hype for alchemist Q ahah