Main Disc. Thread - PROJECT: A Chorus Is Rising


Will Khan total breakdown be a lot more potent?


How does limitlessQ compares to QLQ? I like the convenience of single stage subliminal over the multi-stage ones.


I’ve already been listening to QL stage 1 for 16 days along side StarkQ, I’m excited to see how QLQ will feel.

btw: I’m glad you confirmed that it’s not a problem to listen to both QL and StarkQ. Since StarkQ is such a massive sub, I doubted whether adding another sub, especially a multi stager would water down the effects of both.


@afc22 - also what’s a Stark without that massive intellect of his? Reminds me of Iron Man 1 where he is crafting his suit. Loads of learning and inventing in there.


What is the optimum Q stack given 7 hour maximum exposure time available in a day.

  • Stark Q, KhanQ
  • Stark Q, QLQ
  • Stark Q, QLQ, Khan Q
  • Stark Q only



@SaintSovereign Any idea when Ecstasy of GoldQ will be available? I am going to run that alongside AscensionQ


I wanna say tonight or tomorrow, he was working on khan last night will probably finish then upload this morning, then either work on eog or alchemist


I was just curious why you weren’t running Ascended Mogul instead of Ascension + EoG? Mogul also has a lot of wealth scripting (manifestation, removal of wealth ceiling etc) and would probably work faster than something as large as EoG for building a solid wealth foundation. And obviously AM combines the Ascension scripting as well, so two birds with one stone. It would also be a good way to progress to EoG, which to me seems geared towards massive wealth.


Khan Q now available. Free upgrades for those who already own it (and it’s already in your downloads). Go forth and dominate.


Just woke up, this is a great start to the day. Thank you!


Now starting work on Alchemist Q.



Me going through this thread


I may do the same thing


Is it just me, or is the sound effect of the Q tracks calmer? Listening to QL St 1.


I think it is not just a sound effect @Sirchiropractixalot. During my EmperorQa, AEGIS run and now updated titles I can say that it is somehow related to Q scripting.
It is smooth but intense. I like the feelings so far.


Smooth but intense describes it perfectly :smiley:


You’re on fire :rofl:


And with that it’s goodbye for now.


I am very surprised by extremely fast healing effect in Khan Q ST1. Definetely would be great to make similar sub for general use.


Mind sharing your experience?