Main Disc. Thread - Quantum Limitless (Now Available!)


You running QL ST1?



I’ve never had a sub so immediately noticeable before.

I’m actually running it 1:1 with Spartan but it seems to be overwhelming that somewhat. I might adjust the ratio between the two. Maybe 3:2 Spartan to QL.

It’s also possible they’re actually potentiating each other since both work on balancing hormones etc.



This means extensive repairs of physical damages, rebalancing of hormones and nutrients, restoration of optimal functioning, rewiring of existing neural patterns for higher efficiency, preparation for new, even more optimized neural connections, strengthening of existing areas and creation of new connections…

Or it could be QL is just enhancing something immediately noticeable, e.g. raising serotonin levels or something similar.


Got it. Wise choice :slight_smile:


KhanSt1. I’m running with this mega stack Khan ST1 + QL ST1. So far my mind is opening up. I feel like I’m 8 years old, creative and open to ideas.


Daaaaaaaaamn that’s a POWER stack. Ultimate mind and body evo :smiley:


How you noticed it is overwhelming?


I was feeling a strong masculine energy while listening to Spartan, but since adding QL that feeling has faded to the background. I seem to be sensitive to the effects of QL for whatever reason, so dialing it back a bit may allow Spartan to be more noticeable again. Basically I’m looking for a balance between the two, I don’t want either to dominate.


Uhhh… well, I mean, I guess you could try and see what happens, hahaha. Who knows until someone experiments. You could get amazing results or none at all.


Depends on your level of growth. I could probably get away with running QL with EoG, but I probably couldn’t with Khan. Business-wise, I’m good (finally). The stuff Khan touches on… not so much.


Looking forward to seeing how this goes.


Could you please answer my PM. Thanks.


Will Beyond limitless be upgraded to quantum tech? or maybe even be remade?


I don’t think Beyond Limitless is really needed with Quantum Limitless. I think QL actually surpasses that. It should be more in line when you’re using just the regular Limitless v1/2, but not with QL.


Who said anything about beyond limitless being used with QL? I was just wondering incase i dont buy QL. Maybe i am just using emperor v3 and would like an upgraded beyond limitless to use it with.


Why not have a supercharger accompany a sub?

Although the current ones, including Beyond Limitless, work fine, there have been requests for new ones specifically for the multi-stage programs. Upgrades as well.

I don’t know how much upgrading is possible in an 8 minute script, it may already be as optimized as it gets. But there may or may not be options for a Beyond Quantum Limitless.

Shhh! Not too loud or blackadder will start a hype thread for it. :wink:


yes please


I can’t see why Beyond Limitless wouldn’t be useful with Quantum Limitless.


Be vewy vewy quiet…


Well, I assumed that you were going to use it along with QL seeing that it was posted in this thread.


It seems that all the characteristics of Beyond Limitless is in QL. That’s why. I might be wrong, but that’s what it seems like.