Main Disc. Thread - Quantum Limitless (Now Available!)


Probably, but that doesn’t negate the use of a supercharger to align the conscious mind with the subconscious mind.


That’s true. I have a question, is it normal to feel dizzy and irritable after running stage 1? My brother was feeling this way after running QL st1 about 3 loops last night. This is his very first sub he’s listening to.


QL is a subliminal and BL is more of a hypnosis/trance/motivational track that also includes some subliminals. I am not sure how Sub Club would characterize the Superchargers exactly, but they fit into a different niche than a pure subliminal, and, as far as I can see, can function to activate ideas consciously or get at them from a slightly different angle than the subliminal does.

I am not saying a person should use Beyond Limitless unless they want to, but they do function in different ways and seem highly compatible to my understanding.


Everybody responds differently. But I would say that having such a response after only 3 loops is rather unusual even for a beginner. Are you sure he’s not listening to the ultras too loud maybe?


Hmm. Possibly. I’m not sure how loud he set the volume, but he told me he was feeling this way this morning. I thought it was strange as well.


So QL Stage 4 is the 3 previous stages put together and then sum?


So it appears. That should not give anybody an excuse to go straight to ST4 though. At least try to enjoy the foreplay of the first three stages, nobody likes a premature climax.


Question about stage 4. If stage 1-3 is included and then more, shouldn’t the track be longer than 45 min, especially with so much content? Curious about this.


Difficult to find the right analogy here…

Imagine teaching people how to work with a computer. Some people have to be taught how to use the mouse and keyboard or even where the power button is. Other people know enough that they can go for the productivity apps. And a few may know enough they just need to learn about the latest features of the OS. If you try and teach advanced features of Excel to the beginners, it will give them a whole lot of frustration and irritation to finally fight their way to the level they need to understand what you’re teaching. But in the end, everybody arrives at the same level.

Stage 1,2 and 3 explain certain concepts to your subconscious in great detail, giving it an easier to understand path to improve itself and by extension you. Stage 4 assumes you already know the basics and it will go straight towards discussing all those concepts from the previous stages at an advanced level. In doing so, stage 4 can contain all the stuff from the previous stages in the same 45 minutes but can also lead to a lot of frustration and irritation for your subconscious to fight its way to the level it needs to fully grasp all the concepts if it isn’t at the correct level of understanding. Which can slow you down or lead to heavy reconciliation.

Another analogy would be learning a language I suppose. You can learn a language by getting dropped in the country where it is the only language spoken (stage 4), or you can learn it step by step with slowly increasing complexity (stage 1, 2, 3). In the end, both paths lead to the same level of understanding and vocabulary. But one of them is a lot harder to do. And depending on your ability to learn may take a lot longer as well.


Wow, great explanation! I completely understand the concept now. Thanks so much for the exposition.


That was a good explanation.


Who is using QL with Khan and how have they found the stack so far ?.


@blackadder - I am. It is really heavy (especially today) but I am determined to continue this stack to the end.


Godlike so far. They’ve intertwined. In fact QL will speed up the process of Khan.


Please talk a bit more about this.


Total reorganization of the brain for optimal function, speed of processing, increased manifestation abilities. Not only that but QL affects u at a quantum level. U will notice things like time distortion etc.


Have you experienced all of the above?


Grabs popcorn and waits patiently for Crassus to put being affected at a quantum level into words.



Well time dilation is a relativistic effect not a quantum effect, so QL makes your brain run faster than light. Obviously.


Yes it also becomes a quantum effect when u can alter the speed of your aura. It distorts your time relative to the actual time of the earth.