Main Disc. Thread - Quantum Limitless (Now Available!)


You mean Antman fooled IronMan, and still he invented that Time Machine! :open_mouth:


I’m pretty sure my aura is super fast. But does that make me younger or older than the rest of the earth?


What i always found weird about Antman, apparently he retains the same mass when he shrinks, which is why he can still punch people. But when he grows larger he actually gains mass and can crush things he steps on. Can’t have it both ways.


Okay guys, enough of that please. The size (relative or otherwise) of the Marvel Universe is too much for this thread.

As is Crassus’ aura, apparently. Or bujin’s. Y’all lost me a few posts ago.

Feel free to discuss it in the Lounge.


Nah, had my fun. But apologies for going off topic. :slight_smile:


No I’m not wasting my time with this ignorant troll. Discussion over.


How long do I have to listened to each stage and how many loops?

And also I’m using it for dealing with my test in earlier next year. Is there any specific stage that can help me to study better ? And can I directly jump into that specific stage instead of had to listened from the stage 1?

Thanks for your help
@Fire @SaintSovereign


For those that really want to unlock there brain and memory while using Quantum Limitless.


@SaintSovereign, the volume of QL Stage 4 Masked file is a bit higher than other files.
Please check. We might require a hotfix.


I’ll let @Fire know. Thanks much.


Is QL is better at releasing trauma such as childhood trauma than Regeneration since it’s using Quantum Tech?


Regeneration would still be the sub that deals with that particular issue more directly. QL might help Regeneration work faster as it increases your mental capacity but because QL is a learning focused sub and Regeneration a healing focused product, the latter is substantially more appropriate for healing trauma


Is anyone using this product to assist with leanring a foreign language? If so it would great to hear your results before and after since adding QL !


how exclusively focussed, if at all, is QL on studying? Id like to hear more about its effects of productivity in a career environment as opposed to school.


excellent question, @Rhinesuchus.

was going to suggest that you at @SaintSovereign, but then I thought, ‘oh, maybe it would be better to re-read the descriptions on the sales page’, which I just did.

my $0.02. There is no worthy path of productivity, creation, or purpose that does not centrally involve learning—continuous learning. Learning Subjects, Skills, Interpersonal Dynamics, Recognizing and Forecasting Trends, and so on, and so on. Just from reading the descriptive sales copy again, I remember exactly why I, who am definitely not in school, am extremely motivated to run Quantum Limitless in late 2020.

But maybe, what you want more are practical reports from people who are already running it. In that case, let’s hope someone with more experience speaks up and shares.


Being a user of QL ST3 and in a professional setting not at school I would say QL is my best investment so far in subliminal field. First it destroyed most of my stress and it helped me to be calm when talking in public during meetings. I have also to talk in international conferences and it helped me a lot to reduce anxiety before talking. So the productivity skyrocket when u dont have stress worry anxiety. You can focus on your goal. BUT as I said in my journal you need to know how to use it. If I work and at the same time I listen to QL I lose my productivity. So I listen to 1 to 2 loops before working. During the work I direct my focus. When I have a pause I listen to one loop and before sleeping 1 to 2 loops. Since I have used this method I feel the power of this sub.
In 2020 I will start learning a complicated language from Asia with ST4 and I will tell you.


@Avengers68 Which Asian language will you learn?


Thai as my company will open an office there in Bangkok 2021 so I have to be prepared


Why you think that happens?


Pimsleur has a really good beginning Thai course. I used it years ago to learn some simple Thai. Sawatdee Ka and kapkun kraep. Beginner stuff. But it’s really good for getting initial aural comfort with the language.