Main Disc. Thread - Quantum Limitless (Now Available!)


@Rising, i suppose the subconscious has problem to focus on the sub and at the same time on the task at hand … but it is only my experience


@Fire, so I did a little track analysis, and QL4 Masked is 3 dB louder than other masked files.
Fix please. Thank you.


I have the same issue with my custom which has parts of ql in


Thank you for your reply. I can see how less anxiety and stress can be a huge advantage at work, being that they are most likely more present in high stakes environments. The description looks very promising so im looking forward to seeing more of what people report.


@,rising what does your custom sub work on ?


Not sure if this fits here, but I just got out of a dream where triple H is looking for a box that I’ve got. I kinda stole it from him previously (lol). Even though I have no conscious recollection of the it, it feels like I had a dream of stealing the box before…

I was thinking of the best way to hide it so no one can find it. I dont even know what’s in the box except it contains top secret stuff.


You must’ve been looking for this thread…


Oops, you’re right.


@SaintSovereign does Quantum Limitless stage 4 contain the full scripts of Quantum Limitless stage 1,2 and 3? Or will I be missing out on something if I went straight for stage 4?


I always have this question with all multistage products since it’s very confusing, as far as I’m aware khan stage 4 has the full scripts of stage 2 and 3 but not stage 1 (correct me if I’m wrong) but I’m not too sure of the others, the sales pages of atleast quantum and alchemist say they have all but I’m not too sure only the creators can confirm, as for EoG idk


"ST4 combines the previous three stages into one while further improving Quantum Focus Mode (even more expanded seeing of possibilities and underlying mechanisms, further time dilation, added enjoyment to studying, etc…) and making it even easier to access and developing some crucial skills to unimaginable levels… "

From QL Sales Page


Exactly it’s confusing because we r not sure whether it contains full scripts or part of it


Indeed, it is confusing a little bit. I’ve read the sales page plenty of times, but of course it doesn’t state which modules are in Quantum Limitless or what the actual scripts are. So the only one to be verifying this would be either Saint or Fire. Well I don’t see the point of running stage 2 or 3 if stage 4 contains full scripts of both, unless it’s to overwhelming for the user. What most probably won’t be the case for me.


It’s clearly stated in the Quantum Limitless sales page that all previous stages are in ST4, plus additional scripting. Not everyone can handle that level of scripting without building a foundation first (being exposed to the scripting in the previous stages) and many of you who think you can won’t be able to.

This isn’t something you can just power through. Sometimes, you will just straight up stonewall the sub and get nothing at all. Or, you might end up like one customer who jumped straight to ST4 of Khan and had an anxiety attack strong enough to scare him off subliminals completely. Or, you may get results, but they would’ve been better had you built the foundation first.



Everything from stage 1, stage 2 and stage 3 is inside of stage 4? Which means if one would run stage 4 for a year straight he would keep on re-balancing and healing with stage 1, activate and develop from stage 2 and keep on evolving the powerful state of mind introduce by stage 3?

Which means stage 4 would take allot longer to integrate because it’s a much denser script, repeating the script way less compared to one audio play of either one of the previous stages? By the way I’m keep focused on my track which is 1 month for each stage to get my brain used to the scripts before I’m heading into stage 4, although I was worried whether or not I would be missing on out on something if I didn’t integrate enough by running each stage only for 1 month. So then this wouldn’t be the case as stage 4 clearly has everything inside of it contained by previous stages.

And yes it clearly states that in the sales pages, BUT it could also be like Emperor v4 being shorter scripts of the previous stages to combine and integrate it into stage 4.


My plan for when I run Quantum Limitless and Alchemist at the end of this year is to run each stage for three months. After that, I can just keep the stage 4s of each as part of my stack. I’m also planning to run the two concurrently. By that time, I imagine Ecstasy of Gold stage 4 and Emperor will be part of my maintenance stack. That’s the plan right now.

So by September 2021, I’m envisioning a maintenance stack with Stage 4 of Ecstasy of Gold, Quantum Limitless, and Alchemist. And possibly Emperor running alongside. But we’ll see where things are at that point.



Theoretically, it’s possible. If you haven’t built a foundation though, it’s just as likely that you could stonewall.


No, if we removed anything, we’d let you know on the sales page. Through SubClub magickery, Stage 4 is all of the other stages merged together in a unique way that still gets results.


Stonewall meaning you’ll get massive reconciliation? Or that nothing will happen? Eventually you’ll start to see results wouldn’t you but it be taking allot of hits along the way, wouldn’t it?

I’ve had a strange encounter running QL ST4 in the past while on Modafinil, let’s just say I felt like I was Einstein and Nikola Tesla combined with a little Isaac Newton in the background. It felt as if my brain had different tabs to work with controlling them all the same time and having open access to my subconscious. Never had any reconciliation. And never ran Quantum Limitless ST4 after that point in time again. The effects faded the day after.

I do feel I only grasped a little of what Quantum Limitless truly is though. Well what could I say, modafinil and subliminal’s is like NZT if I’ll have to be totally honest.

I think one month of each stage before heading into stage 4 is enough for me. I can handle it. I take allot of supplements and I’m very healthy, I meditate allot and I haven’t had to do much healing either. I’ve also already been working on improving my brain for over 2 years. I do 4 hours a day of QL and 3 hours at night currently but I’m not sure if the ultrasonic’s are affecting me at 12% volume. Anything above that is killing my sleep patterns. I’ll get an Oura ring soon so I can effectively track my sleep.

What are your opinions on this? @SaintSovereign


If one keeps banging his head against a wall, either the wall will crack or his head will. So yeah. Maybe a hammer would be better.


I have hammered 120 hours on three different parts on that wall already when I’m finally going to smash it down with my forehead. I think I’ll be fine. (120 hours of each stage before going into stage 4.)