Main Disc. Thread - Quantum Limitless (Now Available!)


That’s my planned stack as well, except for Alchemist… I don’t have any plans to run that program at the moment, although it does sound quite interesting. Maybe sometime this year!

At the moment I’m running QL ST2 and Emperor V4. Once I’ve completed all 4 stages of QL, I’ll get EoG. By then who knows what other amazing programs SC will have available though. :wink:


The three of us are running quiet a similar setup.

Currently going with Emperor - Quantum Limitless. Will keep this stack until I finish Quantum Limitless and keep a maintenance stage while adding in most probably PCC. Might swap Emperor for Emperor fitness when I finish 2 months of Quantum Limitless Stage 4, Emperor Fitness looks promising for me.


The density that people keep mentioning of the Emperor script makes me feel very good about keeping it running for a long time. I’m happy with this.

(There’s this lingering euphoria that is staying with me since doing the Commander supercharger. This is really interesting. It’s my first supercharger so I don’t know if this how the others would work too.)

I look forward to seeing how we all prosper and grow while working with these titles.

Indeed. Sounds great to me too. Just a logistical matter of where and when to fit them in. I trust my intuition and judgment to come up with good ideas, also inspired by the info gained from people’s experiences here.


I agree. I’m personally going to run Emperor until forever, it will probably get updated along the way. It’s the perfect fit for my lifestyle. EOG is also an interesting one, but I’m sure I can make more gold with Emperor honestly - I’ve always had the money minset.

I love this, it’s also how I go about my life. My 6th sense has always been on point, I’m very emphatic and I rely on my intuition allot of the times.


I am looking for some feedback about running Emperor and Quantum Limitless. Since QL is a 4 stage program I was thinking about stacking Emperor and QL stage 1 for 30-32 days. Then do the same for stages 2-4.


been running QL for one week …the funny thing is I notice my social intuition has increased…hm…why is that


I don’t have the answer but I think two good questions to ask first are:

  1. What subliminals have you already run in the past?


  1. what were your process and results like with those?


I’d say listen to my guy above, he’ll give you the guide you’re looking for.

Most probably stack Ascended Mogul with Quantum Limitless than if you haven’t ran any subliminal’s in the past. You can swap Ascended Mogul with Emperor later on, otherwise it would be to heavy for you. I can tell from experience.


That’s what I’m doing now, it’s working well for me! Once I am on EV4 + QL ST4, I plan to repeat with EoG, working up to a stack of just ST4s for maintenance.

Until the next shiny new sub catches my eye of course. :wink:


Thanks BLACKICE for the feedback. I will be doing that once I buy QL. For the time being until next payday I will be running Emperor solo. But once payday rolls around I will be buying QL and stacking it with Emperor.


That’s probably not a good idea, just staying. He ran Emperor for at least a month if not longer before he got into Quantum Limitless. Needless to say, you’re two different persons.


I didn’t start QL and Emperor at the same time, I had several weeks of Emperor V3 under my belt before adding QL.
I’ve also already spent years cultivating that kind of lone wolf entrepreneurial mindset, which is why I didn’t have any reconciliation on Emperor at all. If you’re starting from a different base, then it would likely be too much to stack with QL without more exposure first.


I have a question about quantum limitless. their seems to be a lot of biological balancing or healing that has to do with the brain and nervous system as I’ve read on the description. Aspergers is a neurological disorder that comes with various symptoms most of the time like insomnia, emotional unrelatability to others, and various sensory and cognitive differences.
I am wondering if this sub will be effective at improving these areas, like not just psychological but how my brain functions with sleep for example.
Thank you


Excellent question. It might work on things like Aspergers, highly functional Autism and OCD, which are typically misfiring or incorrectly established sypnaptic connections, but that’s not something that happens overnight. I also doubt it is something that is explicitly addressed by the subliminal, so it would be more of a side-effect.

The emotional aspect will remain difficult though, as for people with Aspergers emotion is more like a skill set than an intuitive process. They respond with a smile or with a “Love you too” because they have learned that is the appropriate response, it’s what people expect. With a lot of practice (social contact and observation) it can become second nature, but it will always essentially remain a skill. Like driving a car, there’s a point where you stop thinking about how to do something and it just happens automatically.

But… QL is very good at having you learn skills, isn’t it? :slight_smile:


I was mindlessly scrolling down my feed until I came across this, and i had to share.


Since Quantum Limitless is a stage 4 program should I use each stage for 30-32 days? And how many loops per day for 30 days?


I would actually recommend 2 to 3 months on each stage depending on your stack. You’ll be getting the most out of it this way.


Is there subconscious learning scripting in QL St1?


Yes there is - but I don’t know the script, I am just telling you out of experience


thanks! how many loops of it do you reccomend per day?