Main Disc. Thread - Quantum Limitless (Now Available!)


Yes, there is. :wink:


QL is very powerful. Running Khan and Ql in a 50:50 stack for 3 months, Ql “overpowered” Khan in terms of the focus of results. Therefore, I would say 3 loops of Ql is enough to get significant results but always depends on your goals


Bro, what results / Changes can I expect from ST1?


I actually wanted to write an extensive report on Stage 1-3 + 4 later but never came to it. Now, I can’t remember all the things I experienced back then because I did not journal…

But a few things I can recall:

  1. Fear of asking questions reduced. Since growing up, I always did not ask any questions in class because I did not want the teacher to think I don’t understand everything. That this is a big mistake, and hindering your growth should be clear. With St1 this fear vanished which got me great new insights understandings of certain topics and just integrated the information more into my longterm memory

  2. Having the right answer just pop up in my head. This was really interesting and was built upon in ST2. The teacher or professor was asking a question, and in just a few milliseconds I knew the right answer. I knew that it was the right answer because I just got a feeling for that. But besides that, it was always something that came out of my subconscious. Things, I did not know I know I just spit out. And this happened all in a matter of milliseconds. Just like Hermine Granger in Harry Potter, just without waving the hand like her (I prefer to just say it on the spot :smirk:)

  3. More interest, enjoyment in my study. A very big one. When listening to Khan St4 my focus was on Sex, Seduction and girls 100%. I did not notice back then but looking back it was. When I added Ql1 (and the stages later) I thought about my studies more often. Also working on my learning method itself.

  4. Great realisation throughout the day. Thoughts about economics, politics, personal problems just popped out of nowhere.

  5. Less interest in porn.


I stopped listening to QL when I got onboard the Emp Q test.

I feel like we should try and get scientists that work at the CDC to listen to QL right now.


This discussion makes me excited to go through QL in the future, after I’ve gone through some social subs.

Also, imagine a QLQ - Quantum Limitless Q :smile:


@SaintSovereign I know you’re busy af with Q, but how much inspiration did Vladimir Raikov have on QL?


The Raikov effect would make one of the best Superchargers ever by Subliminal Club. A subliminal with a visualization to manifest your goals with background scripting to sustain it.

Call it the 11:11 :slight_smile:


BQLQ - Beyond Quantum Limitless Q


I believe this is along the lines of what Mind’s Eye will be


The Raikov Effect has been in the script since the original version of Limitless. :wink:


Is it a good idea then to read about the 50 most profound scientist to know who they are? :0


I wonder what will be more potent: 4-stage Quantum Limitless or name-embedded 1-stage LimitlessQ?


I’d assume Quantum Limitless but limitless Q would be faster.


Depends on where you are in regards to what it needs to do. The first few stages are preparatory in nature. Each works on a certain part to firmly embed that in you, before the final stage combines them all. If you are already in a good place from running a lot of subs or doing a lot of inner work, Q may work better. If you still need a lot of work, the separation in stages may be better.

Assuming Q crams a lot more information into the sub, the end result may be that they are about the same in speed, so running Q for 4 months would have the same effect as running each stage for 1 month.

That is, until multistage Limitless goes Q. That one will turn you into a mentalist.


This needs to be emphasized.


Hi Everyone,

I’m new in the forum. Although been reading a lot of your discussions since 2019 October. I want to thank the top contributors who made it possible for me to look for the information I needed. I just decided today to create my forum account to somewhat contribute and create questions.

My current focus right now is personal development by studying NLP via Udemy and some ebooks that I have. I’m still working as the “IT guy” of a company which I’m glad that we were provided a work from home arrangement due to the COVID quarantine.

Our working hours was greatly reduced and I want to use this opportunity for training and studying.

Since running QL my study habits was consistent and improved which I’m very happy of. As much I would like to detail my experience - sad to say I didn’t create a journal, my bad…

Here’s my current stack for 2020, all in Masked version:

January (30 days)

Overnight loop

Daytime (when possible)

February (30 days)

Overnight loop

Daytime (when possible)

March (30 days)

Overnight loop

Daytime (when possible)

April (30 days)

Overnight loop
	QL ST4 (switched to QL Q when it was available)

Daytime (when possible)
	QL ST4 (switched to QL Q when it was available)

By May 9th (30 days)

Overnight loop
	Khan Q ST1

Daytime (when possible)

It’s almost May 9th, I’m proud that I was able to do the 30days without changing my line up, must be the QL working on that. Why Khan next? I would like to prepare myself for this ‘new world’ after this COVID quarantine. I still do have goals for that but for now I do need the Khan Q ST1 Total Breakdown, long story.

But since this is the QL thread, let’s focus on that :slight_smile:

I have been running QL Q ST4 daytime during my work and study time, even overnight loop. Which I really have a lot of exposure of it. I didn’t get any headache, although still have that easy to anger if someone disturbs me while I’m doing something but that also happens before the Q version.

I understand that SaintSoverign mentioned that:

“This has been my experience too, as well as the experiences of our offline testers, hence why we’ve been recommending giving yourself more rest periods. You can accomplish this by either using less loops per day, or doing a “day on / day off” approach.”

I would like to ask if anybody have tried running QLQ ST4 overnight and daytime ‘during’ working and studying - what were the effects? was it better?

Because I already built this habit of running QL while working/studying. I still like the effect to have a subliminal running in the background.


[Request and Speculation] - NZT

“Supercharger that compliments Quantum Limitless” …that I’m waiting for :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance!


First of all, congratulations for your discipline on quantum limitless. That’s admirable.
Could you please elaborate how much impact had QL on your learning goals?


Hi Salchichon,

I have this app called ‘HabitBull’ that I use to track my daily routine and create them as a habit.

  1. Mindfulness - before QL, I read about it and started doing 5 mins a day. Just basic meditation, but I wasn’t consistent. Started my QL journey 1st week of January. Around Mid of February QL ST2, I have this suddenly urge to make it better. Then I started the audio book Silva Method which I actually managed to finish it. Then I applied what I learned but not exactly the guided meditation, but how to make it better. Around April QL ST4, I decided to do it 15 mins a day. I was consistent. Then suddenly, ideas from what I learned keep coming up. I added visualization and affirmation. I have this urge to try it 2 times a day, but will hold on to finish the 66 days first.

  2. Speed Reading - before QL, i enrolled on a live speed reading course. Unfortunately, what I learned I didn’t apply. January QL ST1 I said I will try to understand the Speeding Reading skill again. So I watched Udemy 10X SUPERHUMAN Learning: Speed Reading & Memory Booster. I managed to complete the course. But having difficulties with my schedule on the training part to read more often. Around March QL ST3, I started to review the course again and focus only on the speed reading part. Started doing the exercises. Then I have this urge to put it on my routine, just 15 mins a day doing the skimming technique that I learned. Around April QL ST4, I purchased a Speed Reading application for desktop to help me with the pacer technique. Since then, I have been doing it for 30mins a day :slight_smile: main focus for this is ‘speed’ and will push my comprehension.

Some other I’m working on…

  1. Memory technique - Mind Palace creation and recall, recently memorize Strength Finder 34 themes, QL Q ST4 at work :slight_smile:

  2. NLP training - Learning NLP via Udemy, just basic stuff right now, I’m enjoy learning about it!

  3. SQ4R - focus learning, right now NLP and the monkey mind

The ‘monkey mind’ thing, i have this bad habit of trying to recall recent events that I’m pissed and play around in my mind the “what if” and “someday i will”, etc… something i’m trying to remove…

I’m also looking for a sub that will help me with my ‘presence of mind’ - something I would like to improve.

Anyway, going back to those activities (Mindfulness, Speed Reading, etc…) while ‘doing them’ I have QL (Masked) running in the background and also have run it during sleep with the other subs.

Yes, I might be getting overexposed especially with the Q version. I was curious about what DarkPhilosopher mentioned about iAwake

“Well, let’s see. iAwake has already combined binaurals and isochronics into a mix. There are also plenty of producers claiming to know the right brainwave combination for optimal studying and the flow-state (which slows down time, or rather speeds up the conscious mind) for studying. So those technologies are well established.”

But again, I try to avoid to mix with other companies… just want Subliminal Club to create the ‘NZT’ “Supercharger that compliments Quantum Limitless” :slight_smile:

Thank you!


Amazing description of your experience. I should follow your example! Thanks, buddy!

What subliminal should i buy?