Main Disc. Thread - Quantum Limitless (Now Available!)


Yes, there is. :wink:


QL is very powerful. Running Khan and Ql in a 50:50 stack for 3 months, Ql “overpowered” Khan in terms of the focus of results. Therefore, I would say 3 loops of Ql is enough to get significant results but always depends on your goals


Bro, what results / Changes can I expect from ST1?


I actually wanted to write an extensive report on Stage 1-3 + 4 later but never came to it. Now, I can’t remember all the things I experienced back then because I did not journal…

But a few things I can recall:

  1. Fear of asking questions reduced. Since growing up, I always did not ask any questions in class because I did not want the teacher to think I don’t understand everything. That this is a big mistake, and hindering your growth should be clear. With St1 this fear vanished which got me great new insights understandings of certain topics and just integrated the information more into my longterm memory

  2. Having the right answer just pop up in my head. This was really interesting and was built upon in ST2. The teacher or professor was asking a question, and in just a few milliseconds I knew the right answer. I knew that it was the right answer because I just got a feeling for that. But besides that, it was always something that came out of my subconscious. Things, I did not know I know I just spit out. And this happened all in a matter of milliseconds. Just like Hermine Granger in Harry Potter, just without waving the hand like her (I prefer to just say it on the spot :smirk:)

  3. More interest, enjoyment in my study. A very big one. When listening to Khan St4 my focus was on Sex, Seduction and girls 100%. I did not notice back then but looking back it was. When I added Ql1 (and the stages later) I thought about my studies more often. Also working on my learning method itself.

  4. Great realisation throughout the day. Thoughts about economics, politics, personal problems just popped out of nowhere.

  5. Less interest in porn.


I stopped listening to QL when I got onboard the Emp Q test.

I feel like we should try and get scientists that work at the CDC to listen to QL right now.


This discussion makes me excited to go through QL in the future, after I’ve gone through some social subs.

Also, imagine a QLQ - Quantum Limitless Q :smile:


@SaintSovereign I know you’re busy af with Q, but how much inspiration did Vladimir Raikov have on QL?


The Raikov effect would make one of the best Superchargers ever by Subliminal Club. A subliminal with a visualization to manifest your goals with background scripting to sustain it.

Call it the 11:11 :slight_smile:


BQLQ - Beyond Quantum Limitless Q


I believe this is along the lines of what Mind’s Eye will be


The Raikov Effect has been in the script since the original version of Limitless. :wink:


Is it a good idea then to read about the 50 most profound scientist to know who they are? :0