Main Disc. Thread - Quantum Limitless (Now Available!)


To add to my little review back then:


This is a visualization of how much time I was studying my medicine flashcards. The darker the color, the better, meaning I did a lot of cards / finished all my cards for the day.

On 01.12, I started my QL journey with St1. You can see I clearly did not have that much interest in studying haha. I was on Khan St4 before that.

On 01.01, I switched to QL Stage 2. You can clearly see that only 4 days later I picked up with my studying.

On 01.02, I switched to Stage 3. Here the changes are even more prominent, me studying like a beast until my exam end of February.


@SaintSovereign How much of a change did Quantum Limitless get after Q? Wasn’t Quantum Limitless already scripted in the Quantum build method? Yet the multistage subliminal’s have three times the power they had before, including Quantum Limitless.

So, was there anything added or changed, or not really?


Yes, QL was initially scripted with QuantumTech. But “Q” refers to Quintessential.


So close. It’s Quintessence. QuantumTech is the method of scripting, Quintessence the method of building.

Except in the Q store, there it also influences the scripting. :wink:


Oops… So are the current Q titles all scripted with QuantumTech?


Probably not, as the scripts weren’t changed, and many subliminal’s have Weapon X scripting. I don’t think QuantumTech is a substitute for that as it is a whole different way of accomplishing things altogether. I think QuantumTech is very consciousness related where as Weapon X is very goal/skill oriented.


Be mindful I am not privy to the scripts and techs. That said, all pre-existing modules are mostly their own tech level, with a few exceptions and places where a quick update or addition was performed without a complete re-write.

The Q build method takes the scripts and uses a way to make it sound clearer compared to previous build methods while also increasing the amount of times the script can fit in the same track. This makes the message easier to absorb and also gives you more repetitions.

The new modules written specifically written for the Q store have taken the above properties of the Q build method and scripted to take better advantage of them. No “quantum shifts” in how the tech works, but still an improvement.

But enough of that in the QL thread, methinks.

And Hermit is right, Weapon X works differently compared to QuantumTech (for example). But both are in Q.

Confused yet? Maybe you need QL. :slight_smile:


I’ll be letting you guys know as I’ll be doing 3 months on each stage of Quantum Limitless and then I’m going to use Power Can Corrupt to compel Fire or Saint to let me test a Terminus² version of it.

See ya in the 12th dimension.


After 12 months of QL, you’ll have created Terminus to the Seventh Power.


At the same time I’ll be using it for learning concepts and techniques on advancing consciousness, so they go hand in hand. When I reach the 3 month mark with Stark, I’ll be adding in the first stage of Quantum Limitless Q.

From what it looks like, I’ll be using stage 1 throughout the whole time so I’ll be overlapping it with stage 2 & 3 until I reach stage 4 as it already contains healing, enhancing and building of new neuron-connections.


Which Quantum Limitless stages contain Pragya, Merger of Worlds and IQ & Cognitive Booster?

Seems obvious that Merger of Worlds is in stage 1, IQ & Cognitive Booster in stage 2, not sure about Pragya. If they’re are present in the main script of all the Stages that would make sense as well.

@SaintSovereign any insights?


Hi ,
I had been using Quantum Limitless Stage 1 since May 14 with 3 loops at least most of the days , @DarkPhilosopher @SaintSovereign , What is the best way that I can start using stage 2 combined with stage 1 ? Or is it better to listen to stage 2 only for the next 45 days ? I would really appreciate just if you could guide me with the most optimum technique


It’s different for everyone, some go by intuition, others just trial and error. I had the same question when going from Alchemist Stage 1 to 2.


It was recommended 1 month per stage but that was before Q.

I did follow that advice for my QL. On my 4th month Q came out, I transitioned from QL ST4 to the Q version.

Right now I’m on my Khan and EmpFit and still maintain 1 month per stage. It works well so far :slight_smile:


Ok Great to hear. But when you listened to stage 2 did you combine it with stage 1 or did you listen only to stage 2 the whole month ?


My schedule was like this:





Hope it helps :slight_smile:


I did overlapping for my Alchemist I listened to stage one for two months then for next two months I was doing stage one and stage two for another next two months stage two and stage three And next month final stage 4


Thankyou @Yondaime


Hey there.

I was personally going to do 3 months on each stage with overlap on stage 1 & 2, I deem stage 1 as highly important in order to get the most out of stage 2,3,4.

On another note there’s physical change going on, and while I do believe you can absorb all of the scripting within a month, it is also very needless to say that physical change is limited to the listening time. The longer you listen the more you brain will restore to it’s optimal condition, the more your hormones will become balanced, the higher your brain efficiency will be and the more your Hemispheres will become balanced. I probably missed a lot here, but that’s only to sum up a few things that are in stage 1.

So it makes sense that the higher you want your intellect to be, the more you should listen to stage 1 & 2 and at least have a good foundation on stage 1 before heading into stage 2 as they are important to sustain each other.

This is why I’ll be testing Quantum Limitless over a time-span of a year until I make a Custom of Quantum Limitless stage 4. Along the way as my intelligence increases so will my decision on how to run optimally run Customs and how to structure my Customs for optimal intake and output.

So the question really is; how much more intelligent do you want to be? If you’ve got a parameter for that, then you can recalculate the amount of listening you should do.

I hope it helps.


Wow What a crystal clear explanation Thank you @Hermit for elaborating this. Thank you also @rajeshwer