Main Disc. Thread - Quantum Limitless (Now Available!)


What’s Q?
Is that supposed better than QL?
I bought QL in May, supposedly the newest technology.


Q is short for Quintessence, a new build method more powerful than the once almighty Quantum Tech. Your Quantum Limitless files should have been replaced with the newer Q versions free of charge. Check your downloads section in your SubClub account :slight_smile:


I see the Q in the download area.
Is ok listening three hours per day?


Q is rather powerful, many account feeling results after just one listen (1 hour). Try one listen, see how you feel. If you feel okay, do 2. Keep adjusting until you feel some kind resistance/reconciliation (usually the form of headaches/sleepiness/desire to switch programs - but not limited to these symptoms). Once you meet resistance, you’ve found your sweet spot. Everyone is different so experimentation is required


Quantum Limitless Q hasn’t been discovered enough, at least not on the forum with a long-term effort to see the amazing results it can bring at enhancing ones intelligence. Personally this is my favorite program and I want to really grasp the benefits it can bring me on a long-term scale.

So with that said, I probably won’t make a journal but if one is interesting my results and reads this, be free to sent me a message anytime over the next couple years, there probably won’t be a point where I’ll not be running it. I have a huge hard-drive with books, concepts, information in general that I’ve collected throughout the year that has to be investigated and studied by me in order to complete me future projects, which will accompany my one year Quantum Limitless effort very well.

I’m open to test Quantum Limitless at Terminus or Terminus² strength, when it becomes available in the future. Since Terminus has provided very odd and out of the normal results, I’m highly interested on how it would affect my Quantum Limitless journey.


I integrated Quantum Limitless into my stack last week. It was about 8 months earlier than I’d been planning to, but it felt right. So, I’ll be working with it too over the next year+.


I agree, especially now with the Q version. I only started Q on ST4. I’m interested on your QLQ journey :slight_smile:

Same here, willing to test QL Terminus or Terminus².


lol, especially now with Beyond Limitless Ultima, this is going to take Quantum Limitless to another level.


I ran Stage 1 last night and will probably run at least one or two loops today along with one loop of Beyond Limitless Ultima


I noticed this morning after running Beyond Limitless Ultima yesterday evening and Stage One of Quantum Limitless Q that I am slowing down in my response to things. Meaning I am choosing my words. This is huge


Perhaps you should take a break for awhile, reconciliation has you jumping from one title to another. By the way this is no critique in any way shape or form, I would of really loved you succeed with your first Custom, in my opinion it was really aligned with your goals, and if you hadn’t switched every few days due to reconciliation you would probably be having magnificent results by now.

Unlike Ultima titles, Customs really take time to kick-in and they really do transmute your whole self-identity, at least of you let it.


@Hermit I whole heartedly agree. I haven’t been so much switching as adding titles in but I definitely see your point.


Not exactly easy admitting to yourself or anyone else that you would benefit far more by waiting and focusing one thing than either switching or taking on too much


Awareness of behavior is the first key into changing it. Don’t blame yourself, as that would only result in more negative outcomes, instead acknowledge the fact that you’ve been adding to your Customs and adapt your behavior.

The numbers speak for themselves…

Good luck.


@Hermit Not exactly sure what the numbers signify


As I saw them, they’re a reflection of my insights and not yours. But to keep things simple, positive outcomes are coming your way, at least if you take the advice, it was divinely guided.


I recently bought Mind’s Eye. Then I saw Sanguine Ultima last weekend. I said to myself I’ll buy the rest of superchargers on Monday. When I checked BL was already released :frowning: so I quickly bought the other superchargers. Now i’m out budget to buy BL Ultima :frowning:


At least you won’t have to worry about it being replaced any time soon. :wink:


Use Mind’s Eye to see yourself receiving money for Beyond Limitless from an unknown source, feel as if it is already underway and thank the Universe, do this for 5-minutes then totally forget about it.

Give or take 3 days and something unexpected will happen.


True, but why does my QLQ ST4 intuition tells me that wink has several meanings… hmm -_-