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Got it. I’m still listening to my main stack that includes QLQ ST4. I just bought Mind’s Eye two weeks ago, then running the Terminus2 during weekend only 1 loop. I’m still a beginner on visualization and manifestation. I started reading about the Raikov Effect, keep hearing that from @DarkPhilosopher :slight_smile: I’ll try your recommendation, thank you :slight_smile:


Nah, that was a sympathetic wink, as in “I get where you’re coming from, you’re not alone.”


Hi … @DarkPhilosopher @Hermit … I had been using QL now for the last 3 months (QL - Stage 2 Now has been 3 weeks), If I would like to do a custom subliminal of terminus strength For both stage 1 and stage 2 in a single audio , then what is the best other modules that I should combine with it … I really dont want to overwhelm my subconcious , I only want to use those which are benefitial for quantum limitless st1 and st2 because my goal is to be a world class programmer. Any advice from my friends here would be highly appreciated.

  1. Quantum Limitless Stage 1
  2. Quantum Limitless Stage 2
  3. Deus
  4. Omnidimensional
  5. Deep Sleep
  6. Productivity Unleashed & Carpe Diem Ascended
  7. IQ & Cognitive Booster
  8. Pragya
  9. Merger of Worlds
  10. The Architect & Energetic Development XI
  11. Epigenetics & DNA Modulator
  12. Unlimiter
  13. Atman
  14. Ego Adsum
  15. Information Releaser
  16. Informaticon
  17. Submodel Alpha
  18. Raikov
  19. Current Invoker
  20. Intuition Enhancer or Inner Voice
  21. Power Awareness
  22. (Mosaïc)

The former modules are all those which are beneficial for Quantum Limitless, strip away as you please.

What’s wrong with Stage 3?


This is Just what I needed , Thank you @Hermit . There is nothing wrong with Stage 3 of course , But I was wondering if I combine that also along with the other 2 stages , then it would maybe be too much for my subconcious to comprehend . that is why . But please correct me if I am wrong , because I dont know if the assimilation rate of the subconcious mind is different with the Custom version.


All three of the Quantum Limitless Stages will be overwhelming, in that case you can better aim for Quantum Limitless Stage 4. Although I am of the opinion that it is better to build a good foundation with all previous stages before heading straight into Stage 4.

In the near future, I’m probably going to have a similar approach and build myself a Quantum Limitless St 1 & 2 Custom in order to combine regeneration & activation of the brain at the same time. Also a pure productivity subliminal based on Quantum Limitless St 3, and then another one that contains the full package with Quantum Limitless St 4, but that one won’t be for the anywhere soon, I’d probably combine it with Mind’s Eye & Remote Viewing unless anything else gets released related to the mind.

I’m interested in your progress, if you’d like you can make a journal, I assure you that many here on the forum will highly appreciate your observations.


@Hermit , yes I listened to your advice to me very much in the first post , so that is why I thought I would go in fully to build a solid foundation with Stage1 and Stage2 in the custom subliminal first and then slowly get into the other stages . I had already listened to both of them for a combined 3 months now. (Stage 1 - 2 months, 1 week) , so a custom subliminal of terminus strength would be awesome with this.

I was thinking I will start to log this regularly as soon as I start a new programming job, from this august 17th. Do I have to create a new thread for it or do the logs here ?


Yes, create new thread if you’d like to journal daily. On the other hand you can also share some of your valuable experiences here on the Main Thread.

Why are you going for Terminus, you mentioned not to have overload, Q will be easier on you – just so you know. Terminus works fine as well, it’s just a little more taxing, and you probably won’t be able to do as much loops in comparison.


@joseph let me know which Custom you went for, and also your observations. I’m highly interested as I’m going to create a similar build in the next couple months.


Hi @Hermit , I took your advice and ordered the Custom Q Sub without terminus. The following is the list of combinations I ordered


My Idea now is to use this sparingly , Once every night because during the daytime while I am working I have to run Limitless Q , so I can be ultra focussed at my work . This is because I noticed that if I use QLStage 1 or QLStage 2 while working it is usually extremely hard to conecntrate … Have you had the same effect ?


Let me also add @Hermit… I sometimes also felt a bit weak physically and even got sick on some days that I used st1 and st2 … I dont know if it was because my neural system was being rebuilt… ofcourse my mind power has increased tremendously during this period.

I even managed to meditate for 1 hours straight one day and I was totally in the zone. Meditation is definitely one of those asymmetric tools that you can use to unleash the full power of Quantum limitless … because you recover much faster from the reprogramming you receive with ql.


There’s no need to use Limitless Q when you have Quantum Limitless, the reason that you’re feeling this way is because you have to get yourself accustomed to these subliminal’s, this effect will fade overtime.

You forgot to add Deus & Mosaïc I deem these two as highly important as well as DNA Modulator, especially for these two Stages as there is much physical change going on.

Yes, this is also due to the physical change which is going on, give it two weeks and it’ll fade after that. Honestly I would add Ego Adsum as well, it’ll help you be in the Now and have better focus at your work.

Furthermore if you really want to ramp up your intelligence & focus, while also being very healthy, I’d suggest you take the following supplements.

It the end, it’ll enable you to process more & easier, have more increased brain capacity, memory, more energy, feel better and lot’s more – if you have the money, this is a huge investment for both your health as intelligence. You’ll be one of the best programmers in no-time, and it’ll synergy especially well with your Custom.

Let me tell you, Name Embedding is really powerful, there’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll be happy with your Custom but make sure to add Deus, Mosaïc & DNA Modulator, I’d also add Ego Adsum but that’s really up to you.


@Hermit@SaintSovereign ufortunately I had already made the order on friday itself … I just contacted them now and asked if they havent started the process if they could also add these( Deus, Mosaïc & DNA Modulator ) to the stack , so I am going to wait and see what they say and then get back to you. Thank you for all these awesome links … what you said is so true , In order to accelerate the process I have to take additional nutrients too to enable maximum brain enhancement.

Currently the only ones I take are : Bullet proof coffee , Shilajith ( )
And Liposomal Vitamin C (which I make by myself - since the store bought one is too expensive for long term use )

Thanks for the additional motivation Hermit :slight_smile: , I could use that when it comes to the custom Sub


DNA Modulator is especially important for all the physical change that you’ll be going true. If you can take the supplements and report back.

I personally do not use caffeine, it works like a drug and has side effects a good alternative is the MCT Oil from Performance Lab.

Looking forward to your journal, I’m going to run a very similar Custom in the future.


@Hermit , Unfortuantely it was too late for me to add in the DNA Modulator , My custom Sub just came in 2 days back. I had been running it right before sleep for 2 hours in the night before sleep and 3 hours yesterday.

About the effects :
After 12 years of working with subliminals , meditation , Kundalini … All I can say is this custom subliminal has given me the greatest Return of Investment more than anything and the funny part is I used it only for 3 days. I already see the powerful effects of it, because it is repatterning my whole attitiude , productivity and even thinking process. For some strange reason , I could not sleep more than 5 hours even eventhough I had also put in the deepsleep module inside it… Dont know if it had to do with my productivity stack.

Overall what I cant understand is how does embedding your name make such a difference ? Because I coudnt feel these type of rapid 3 day effects from any other sub here.


Out of sheer curiosity @SaintSovereign is Elon Musk your customer ?


You know he wouldn’t be able to say whether it was true or not.


What she said. If he is, I want what he’s running on.

This one’s easy. Every time you hear your name, it makes you focus to listen to what’s being said. Your subconscious does that too. So, if the sub is constantly repeating your name, it is constantly making your subconscious focus on what’s being said, drawing its attention back in and preventing distractions.


Do all the affirmations are in third person?