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We use a proprietary scripting method that covers all bases. You’re good.


@SaintSovereign & @Fire, is there a possibility that Quantum Limitless St1 is able to cure Parkinson, Alzheimer or other Nervous System related diseases?

This would be a game-changer for the medical industry.


It’d also be corporate suicide to even hint at this claim. :frowning:

One of the competitors to my business made some eyebrow-raising claims regarding curing COVID and I’m told they are now the subject of a federal agency investigation. Definitely not something you want to tangle with.


Ya using the word cure in anything now a days is super risky unless it can absolutely 100% CURE whatever it says it can and is proven multiple times to do that.

That is why most companies say it can possibly help with it or get rid of it but don’t claim it can be used as a cure.

Cure is basically a taboo kind of word in our world now a days.


That’s only true as long as humanity keeps creating those timelines, and all of that will be over very soon (2021), trust me on that one.

Anyhow, I don’t care what the Deep State thinks about me. I’m going to start a holistic practice very soon, I’ll be curing people from diseases and other problems that we’re previously ‘non-treatable’, such a nonsense – everything is treatable. By the way, I’m not scared for any Deep State officials coming after me, let them come, I’m protected by God. Universal Laws govern the Matrix Laws, anyone thinking otherwise is harming himself.

I smell fear :slight_smile: , don’t be fearful be hopeful, things will become profoundly better very soon.

All of that is mind-control & manipulation, people stray away from natural remedies because of that and it benefits only one group, which is Big Pharma. A business not an industry focused on treating patients unfortunately.


Even then you need FDA studies to show specific things, and those get crazy expensive. Independent studies aren’t enough for claims of a medical nature.


Best of luck with that, the world needs more true healing!

You do indeed! My business just narrowly avoided a hefty fine from a federal agency that would have sunk the business. As it was, the sector was set back significantly due to new restrictions on claims we can make. I certainly hope things will be better soon, though at the moment we are fine (and profitable!) as long as we keep our noses squeaky clean, so to speak.

Very true, and they also control the very agencies that they are regulating… FDA etc. However, for the time being, at least, I’m going to abide by the stern warning that we received and be thankful that it wasn’t more. :wink:




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Oh wow, it’s been awhile since this thread was active. What’s going on in here-???



@JCast Really wonder what you had posted. The stuff you write is usually quite interesting.


Will you advertise your business online then? Seriously, I look forward to seeing your new business.


I’m with Saint, let’s get back to QL. I wonder how many people have been doing IQ exercises while running QL. Or perception and memory exercises.

As for advertising any business, keep in mind this forum is primarily to promote SubClub, and SubClub pays for the hosting. So if anybody wants to promote their startup, run it by Saint please.


Reminds me of an experiment scientists did. They theorized that they could keep the brains of senior citizens “fresh” by letting them do Sudoku every day. Like brain training. At the end the subjects became very good at Sudoku, but still no better in other areas.

Math alone already has a lot of different aspects, but things like logical puzzles in addition could probably help with your goals. There’s a reason IQ tests have non-math sections.


There are many areas of intelligence.


I don’t believe in IQ measurements. When I passed IQ tests I failed miserably the mathematical part but I had maxi grade in the literary part of the test. It will measure where your skills are at a specific moment but not measure your intelligence as one. For me words have more meaning than numbers.


Science disagrees with you.

You have apparently some logic ability with words and a lot less logic ability with numbers which the test seems to have correctly picked up and assessed.


That’s exactly the point I was trying to make. Not about what IQ is, but about the fact that if one focuses on one aspect of their mental development, the others don’t grow.

So practice multiple parts of the brain. Don’t become like modern day youth that can has developed situational awareness even though they are glued to their phone, and yet is incapable of imagination because thanks to comics, computers games and TV they never have to imagine what something looks like, somebody else did it for them. So they always fail the part in the IQ test where they have to deduce what the hidden side of the cube is.


‘Intelligence’ is most accurately evaluated within specific problem-solving contexts.

Moreover, such evaluations tend to have limited generalizability outside of the specific contexts of evaluation.


You could also make it a habit to write complicated sentences like Malkuth’s last one. :wink: