Main Disc. Thread - Quantum Limitless (Now Available!)


I love how @Flake_And_Milk is the first one to mention the word “Hype” in the title. Even though the overly enthusiastic blackadder has already amped up the hype, I’d say building it for a month at least might be a plan. So December seems a decent guess.

Honestly, as awesome as QL is, I was really looking forward to Inner Circle.


How about Fire use Alchemist ST4 and Limitless v2 to produce Quantum Limitless full-form tonight?


Fire was building Stage 3 last night. Soon means soon. :wink:


Please include mental strengh even though i suspect you already have, similar to spartan, it is very helpful


Oh so it will be multistage.


yes it is in the roadmap


I was looking forward to mind’s eye and inner circle lol. Guess those are on the back burner for a bit till QL and BQL are released


I knew there was a second one I missed. Mind’s Eye would have been great, yeah. Imagine if we could all visualize like the best. If you can, you can. Got it? :slight_smile:

I admit to being curious about what each stage is supposed to do. Sure you can say ST1 helps you overcome your own misgivings about being able to learn as you get older, and another stage to help you adapt faster, but what about the rest? One stage called Osmosis for learning everything the first time you hear it, one called Elephant for infinite memory retention and recall? Maybe something for speedreading, memory palaces, creative vs exact learning? We’ll see.


6 hours ago Fire was compiling stage 3. So it is logical to assume that the QL will be ready tomorrow to download. Prepare to become Limitless !!. Don’t be left out !! Join myself and Raphael on this great journey if your not in you simply cannot win !.


You are really hyped, are you paid to hype it up or what?


Nope, I think he does that for free. He probably needs to go to Energy Drinks Anonymous. :wink:


So, Fire, will Quantum Limitless help me decrypt the Voynich manuscript? Or prove the Riemann hypothesis?


QL will help you get 100 marks for your next maths test wihout studying.


But can it make Trump into a real politician?


Not american but i never read so many disrespectful comments about a president. I am not even reading the news and everyone seems to talk a lot of shit for Trump that makes me wonder how he got elected. Then you look at the other side and you know why :smiley: I am curious what will happen in the next elections


This cant come soon enough. I’ve got 13 x 400~ random things (no joke) I need to remember in order to be extremely successful in my profession.


It’s a textbook on women’s health.


According to my calculations.QL will be available in 48 hours.


The conundrum of how much more accurate your calculations might be if it were already out are boggling my mind :sweat_smile:


I am fucking EXCITED :smiley:

By the way, the cover looks amazing