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Practice all areas of intelligence. Do it to expand all areas of you to it’s highest potential. I agree with @DarkPhilosopher about this.

Why not just utilize all areas of intelligence?


I’ll try again.

Intelligence and the measurement of intelligence are largely context-dependent.

Intelligence is always a combination of a neurally-situated potential and some real-world situation in which that potential is applied.

Without any practical context, the neural potential is meaningless.

We’ve all seen brilliant people who were stranded outside of their areas of competence.

They’re like this:


In his normal context, he would have presented an impressive image. But in this context, not so much.

Anyway, basically agree with your point @DarkPhilosopher. When it comes to preserving function into the senior years, well-rounded development is probably a better strategy than narrowly-focused development.


Everyone likes numbers. For those who say they don’t, etransfer me your earnings.


Someone once said that intelligence is often dependant on one’s environment. Put an American Professor who has a PhD from Harvard University in the middle of a rainforest in Papua New Guinea and ask him to find his way out.

Do the same for a Papua New Guinea native.

Who would get out faster?

Is the professor more intelligent in this aspect?


Also, how does one compare accurately the verbal intelligence of non-English speaking speakers, especially in terms of their reading and comprehension ability?

Is there a way to make a fair comparison?


Verbal intelligence is in your own language


I would evaluate the answer to that question, but…

Just kidding. :wink:

It comes down to the definition of intelligence. Just because the native has had more training in surviving in the jungle doesn’t necessarily make them more intelligent. It merely means they are more trained to use the tools at hand.

Depending on what field that PhD is in, the professor may very well be able to use logic and deduction to survive and find their way out. Just like the native may in time be able to learn to speak, read and write English and get their PhD. In both cases one party is faster because of previous training that has little to with their intelligence.

A clearer demonstration of my definition of intelligence is the ability for the crow family of birds (caw/crow/raven) to learn fairly rapidly to manipulate their environment to achieve their goal, be this food or escape. Squirrels also rarely fall for a trap more than once. To me, if you were to subject two people with equal training/upbringing to challenging conditions, the one better capable to use reasoning and deduction (the latter includes imagination) to solve/overcome the challenge is the more intelligent.

Like a computer, the CPU with higher frequencies and instruction sets will solve an equation faster. In humans, the ability to fire off and create neural pathways and genetic capability to deal with situations is what causes one human to do more complicated operations faster. We can train and prepare for any challenge given enough time, but some people just are more adaptive.

Given that definition, I’d have to wonder if there’s a difference between mental intelligence and physical intelligence. The latter being the adaptability of the human body in all likelihood governed by the subconscious, while the former concerns the human brain and is related to the conscious.


And there it is. The crux of the matter.

Again begging the question, which specific challenge?

Almost sounds like a possible Far Side cartoon.

On a crowded plane with worried looking passengers, our focus is drawn to the extremely unremarkable face of one specific passenger, observant and listening intently. And the announcement goes out over the cabin speakers: ‘This is an emergency! Is anyone aboard able to make animal sculptures out of chewing gum and left over fruit peels?!’

And the caption beneath reads: John knew right then that his moment had finally come.


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In order to avoid keeping this going, I will cede to Malkuth and say that I have the same problem that Oscar Wilde has: I am so clever that sometimes I don’t understand a single word of what I am saying. :wink:


NZT is based on Nootropics. They are cognitive enhancers and are available in the market.


NZT is another caliber


Does that mean I am very clever too if I don’t understand a single word of what your saying either ? :wink:


I took note of what was written in the copy for QLST4, “acquiring, consolidating and mastering of information and skills during dreaming and sleep”.

I wonder how that might fit into lucid dreaming.


Did not notice that! My brain is going to have it all with Executive, BLU, QLQ ST4 and DREAMS. :slight_smile: