Main Disc. Thread - Quantum Limitless (Now Available!)


You know those professional liespotters that can read every micro-expression and all body language? Or those detectives that can look at a crime scene and see even the tiniest pieces of things out of place? Or look at a person and cold read them like Sherlock Holmes?

That is what I wish QL could teach me. That kind of perception, which takes years of training.

One can dream, right?


I think you’re onto something here: if not in QL, a stand-alone sub to train our minds to read body language (including micro expressions). Like @Fire and @SaintSovereign did with “The 48 Laws of Power“ by Robert Greene, they can do it with books by Paul Ekman and similar authors.


Much mention of basing subliminals off books like 48 Laws of Power. Maybe we should have a list of books which we hope can be “adapted” into subliminals.


That would make a lot of sense, being that the biggest flaw I see in using non-fiction self help books to grow as a person is that the content only goes as far as the conscious mind. It usually doesn’t become habitually ingrained.
Also the sharp deduction skills and whit of Sherlock would be pretty awesome…


Why politics on this forum?


“Sometimes I believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”
- Alice

It was merely the first impossible thing to pop into my head. Why bring it up when people have already forgotten all about it?


In my opinion, just like Power Can Corrupt is based on Robert Greene’s The 48 Laws of Power, Quantum Limitless is based on the same author’s book Mastery and more


People keep your credit cards ready QL is coming in the next 48 hour’s:). Be smart and get QL !.


It will be soon 72 hours since your first 48 hours


:joy::joy::joy: I love how hyped Blackadder is.


I know it is a bit patronizing on my part, but it does sometimes remind me of a kid leading up to Christmas. Getting more and more hyped up about the presents, and 10 minutes after unwrapping them they move on to something new. :slight_smile:

That, or the kid in the backseat asking: “Are we there yet?” :wink:

I’m certain QL will be great and I will be longingly absorbing every little hidden detail of the product page as I read it over and over in search of hidden secrets, but I will stop myself from going impulse-shopping. Once you give in to that, before you know it you’ll be standing in line at the Apple store waiting to spend several months salary to buy something that does nothing more than what you already have.

Besides, SubClub has an awesome lineup already, and right now Mind’s Eye and Inner Circle would be more useful to me. I’ll let Fire take however long he needs to do QL right. It’s my mind I’m messing with after all.

Okay, who stole my soap box?


Will beyond quantum limitless help with creativity like beyond limitless did? And will BQL launch at the sametime or come out after? @SaintSovereign and @Fire


I don’t think we actually announced a “Beyond Quantum Limitless,” hahaha. But, Quantum Limitless is going to be a powerhouse of a sub for those dedicated to learning something. I’ve been testing the prototype to my newfound guitar playing hobby, and I must say, it’s quite powerful.


Stop teasing us and just stick it in, I mean release it already :rofl:


Oh awesome can’t wait to put it to use on stuff i want to learn. Well maybe beyond limitless will get an update/upgrade one day.


All these teasings are like torture :rofl:


will their be more facets to it than memory and intellect? Like sharpness of whit, sharpened motor skills for fine tuned and highly skill intensive activities? For example; race car driving, snowboarding, darts, pool? Intuition?


So excited and anticipating for this release! I actually used to be a bright kid growing up. But circumstances made me a half wit and I want to become smarter than I was as a child. Hope Quantum Limitless can bring me to a higher level!


@PINNACLE - I know this feeling


@SaintSovereign - have a guitar that’s waiting at home for me to get QL