Main Disc. Thread - Quantum Limitless (Now Available!)


@blackadder - be smart and get QL, and then be the smartest


Hurry up Fire we are waiting matey :slight_smile:


Id rather they take the time to make it just right to the best of their abilities, this is our mind were messing with after all…


@blackadder - maybe they will release it when it becomes 11/11 in a few days


Oh no Let’s stick to that 48 hour shit


Let’s stick to a date that will give Fire enough time to deliver a good product. No need for hurry. And look at it from the brigth side, the longer it takes the longer we have something to look forward to.


You guys need a subliminal for patience. 20 02 2020 is the date.


For real???


Yea! Best product over a Quick product anyday!


You know that time-dilation feeling of time slowing down, when your brain is going so fast that it appears you can do much more than normal? What about a product that does that, called Timeless, with a release date of somewhere between moments? :slight_smile:

For now, get Inner Circle, and maybe you will manifest Saint and Fire in the flesh into your life as the best people to help you achieve growth. In which case you can ask them about Quantum yourself. :wink:


I am really tempted but i am already running 3 subs on my stack


I don’t know. :rofl::fist_left:


I have lost patience :slight_smile: we want it now not in 2025


Noo!!! You’re not just any other, you are Blackadder. Just a little more patience!

  • QL gets released
  • User runs QL
  • Cracks the code for time travel
  • Goes back in time to deliver it to themselves sooner



QL gets released ? Hahaha it is a jocke ! :slight_smile:


Probably next year for the release if they are serious ! A test should be at least one month for each stage … if there are 3 stages, it should be released around january next year. If not, they cant say we have tested the product for so many months and it is working so well ! Many subliminal producers are saying that their products were tested for months before being released to the public, even though they released their files right after they finished them !


@Avengers68 They have already been testing it for some time now on themselves :slight_smile:


Enough fluff talk we want to see QL this week :slight_smile:


When you see that QL is still not out.