Main Disc. Thread - Quantum Limitless (Now Available!)


I think it will come tomorrow night because Fire works the grave yard shift.


The lack of patience on this thread is more fun to read than watching Netflix :joy:


They definitely should include patience-modules in the next subs they publish :sweat_smile:


That would be bad for sales. :wink:

Looks like blackadder is back. I was about to give him 48 hours…


Quantum Limitless drops tomorrow :wink:


Excited !!!


After so much talk about QL, we still don’t know what’s in it.


@SaintSovereign - YESSSSSSSSS!


Wait and see :rofl:


I am curious to see the description before i embark on buying it.


I hear this tech is going in. That’s all we know.

By the way we don’t have have any description of Limitless v2.

Do those who have already purchased Limitless v2 get a discount for Quantum Limitless? Is it equivalent to Limitless v3?


QL is shaking the subliminal world. People are raving about it. Initial testing by Sovereign have shown promising results. Even Sovereign was shocked by just how powerful QL is.

There has been a record number of views on this thread. Prepare for a new voyage…a voyage of new discoveries. Prepare to evolve your grey matter to a whole new level.


There are already 93 comments (94 including this one), and the only thing we know about this sub is that it will be super awesome and that it should be about learning.

This truly is a super hyped thread… :smiley:


Time to go into hyperdrive!


if you release it the day after tomorrow i will be spot on haha


But he literally just said it’s coming out today. You really want to delay it for a more accurate guess? You’re gonna piss off a lot of members :stuck_out_tongue:


So, 7 days was accurate estimation…very good, guys. QL is what every person wants for Christmas!


I just want to let you guys know… I’m ready to watch Lionel Messi on youtube for 5 mins each day and win the next fifa balon d’or…


QL is gonna change the game, change ALL the games :sunglasses:


I’m looking forward to QL as I can definitely use it for what I’ve in my mind. If I’m not mistaken, Alchemist had much higher hype when it was released.