Main Disc. Thread - Quantum Limitless (Now Available!)


So as per sales page ,so with stage 1 and 2 , is there physical healing aspect also .


At last it is here thanks Fire…oh bless him :slight_smile:

Are you guys going to stack with it with Khan if so how many loops are recommended .


Commando is the next pretty boy to rock the subliminal world watchout guys.


Here we go again :smiley:


@Grimm1390 this is also my concern as i am currently back to running stage 2 of khan.


i find both khan st3 and eog st3 quite smooth. I am waiting to see how people feel on st3-st4 on this one because i am interested too. I dont think if QL st3 is as smooth as the above you will have any issues


@rising running khan stage 2 right now and its awesome. Women are hitting on on me, making conversstion etc.


NZT = Modafinil


Modafinil wouldn’t explain any effects in the movie other than being wide awake. NZT as a drug isn’t possible YET simply because we don’t understand the brain enough to get those effects synergistically without horrible side effects.

Having said all THAT, I look forward to the day :slight_smile:


The movie, Limitless, is based on this substance called Modafinil. In the movie it is quiet overrated as it is in many movies but I can tell you it is the closest thing you’ll find to NZT if you were looking of such a substance. It really skyrockets your subliminal progress.


Have fun with NZT, I’m going straight for CPH4.


Have you tried it?


Yes, I have a whole bunch at home. I don’t use it right now anymore though. It’s really overwhelming.


I gave Modafinil ago it it seriously hyped up. It was basically like drinking two cups of coffee. Nothing special.


Other than keeping you wide awake, does Modafinil improve your learning ability? If not then maybe a nootropic can be added.


I couldnt agree more


There’s different types of Modafinil. I can only advice ModaAlert 200 from Sunpharm company if I remember correctly. It makes my brain run at full throttle it seems to me that it is generating allot of Gamma waves while operating at a Theta brainwave state. I definitely advise to run Binaural Beats while taking these as it becomes very much more effective. It improves you learning abilities tremendously, your focus is increased a damn lot by it is more of an uncontrollable focus. It works with your dopamine receptors these give you a good feeling when doing a task and I do feel very annoyed and stressed out when I’m not doing anything. It wants to make me do shit all time, but it is uncontrollable. Like if I get a thought of cleaning my room two hours later I have cleaned my whole house in the flow state, forgetting about food and time. So if you’re able to control where you focus on then, yes it is really good. But mainly when doing school work, it is most often not the main thing you want to do and you start researching stuff, cleaning up your computer drive. All kinds of good stuff though. You lose track of time and your in a state of pure focus and bliss because of the dopamine receptor chemical.

I had to take it around 5:30PM to be able to sleep at night because I just wasn’t able to keep the thoughs out of my mind. You’ll be finding yourself wide awake with your eyes all open in the middle of night thinking about all the things you want to do when you wake up in the morning. When you take it, like around 30 minutes later you feel it kick in, your eyes open up, you start to get insanely focused and when you start a certain task make sure it is a good one because you definitely will lose track of time.

Now I’m using nootropics, OptiMind and Mind Lab Pro.


Holyshit! You’re like Bradley Cooper’s character then.:muscle::muscle:


Darn. Modafinil is banned in my country.


The description says: “… Quantum Re-Balance will free you from limiting beliefs and emotional trauma…”…

Will the sub free ALL limiting beliefs and ALL emotional traumas, or just those related to the goals of the sub? @Fire @SaintSovereign