Main Disc. Thread - Quantum Limitless (Now Available!)


It’s a prescription drug here in my country.


Modafinil did ot help my memory.


I tried different companies from modafinil but results were similar to strong coffee. The ffects could be less since i am drinking a lot of coffee for many years. I tried genius nootropics and it is a waste of money. What do you think of the nootropics you used?


There’s actually a separate thread for nootropics you might be interested in. This discussion probably belongs there anyway, to keep it all in one place.


Having severe cravings of buying this! But I am holding myself strong until I travel through my Journey for a few months with my current Stack.


Looks amazing, probably give it a shot when my main objectives will have changed! :slight_smile:


I use adrafinil pretty regularly.


@SaintSovereign what are your thoughts on stacking this with EoG and Inner Circle? Is it too powerful and should be used on its own?


@SAMB4 your question should be in a separate thread, either on its own or in the EoG/Inner circle threads. It has nothing to do with this product


He’s asking if Quantum Limitless (this product) can be stacked with certain other products. Seems to me that the question is relevant enough. At least as relevant as the nootropics discussion that preceded it.

Although I agree it’s probably better off having its own thread.

As for the answer, stacking multi-stages is a tricky thing and usually not recommended. But since Limitless scripting is already present in EoG, I supposed it might work well enough together. And Inner Circle is meant to be stacked, so that should be no problem.

Just realize how much script you’ll be listening to. Don’t rush through it and read up on the description for the stages to guess if the QL and EoG stage you’ll be stacking appear to be compatible.


Whoops! Totally my mistake. I skimmed over the part mentioning QL and thought he was only asking if EoG and inner circle could be stacked together :sweat_smile:


Created a thread for this, but feel that it’ll be better answered here:

Does Quantum Limitless supersede Ultimate Artist?

I’m interested in both, but only really interested in the creative aspects of Ultimate Artist, not the business aspects.

Quantum Limitless seems like the best choice because of its new tech, and the fact that Ultimate Artist’s goal is divided between both business and creativity.

Any help would be appreciated @fire and @saintsovereign.


Do you think it is a good strategy listening ST3 when study/work and ST4 the rest of the day or you would advice against using two stages?


I just started listening to st1 for a few minutes and notice a relaxing feeling and slight tingling in my brain.


Does QL also improve visualization ability? Like rotating 3d models in your head.


@afc22 i believe it does


I never drink coffee though so I can’t compare. I did quit taking modafinil because it was such an overwhelming experience for me. I was getting angry at people when they were doing tasks slow. I was literally doing three things at the same time while focused on all of them. It could be like our bodies act differently to the substance. I have already unlocked my mind pretty much so that might be it as well. Were you taking full pills?


Same here. Prescription drug but you can just order it online.


Yes i even took two some days


I have a question, how far to having an eidetic(photographic) memory can quantum limitless take the listener?