Main Disc. Thread - Quantum Limitless (Now Available!)


I found I had more vivid mental images after just a few hours listening.

Also in the description there is this:

Any mental characteristic or skill you can think of is here, and by consciously guiding yourself you can rapidly develop it if you so desire.

So if that’s important to you then focus on that and it should help.


Two? Are you mad. :grin:


I started listening to QL yesterday, and this morning I had my usual 2 cups of coffee, but now I’m bouncing off the fucking walls as though I’d had 5 cups. Obviously it’s very early days, but anyone else had this?


It’s interesting. I am on st1, and I am feeling my thinking is slightly faster, other than that nothing. Which stage are you on?


I’m on ST1.

I drink a fair bit of coffee so it normally only has a minor effect, but it was strong today. Then again I’m usually a zombie in the mornings, hence the coffee, but today I actually wasn’t.


I just read on a news website, that a 9 year old is almost going to get his bachelor degree in electrical engineering. He will have done the study in less than a year, normally it would take at least 3 years to finish the study! It’s crazy, I remember reading about this kid a year ago. Unbelieveable… did he have early acces to QL?:joy:


Wow very brilliant sales page and description! I love all the information on all the stages. Great work. Damnit I can’t run all these subs at once. I guess I’m getting this one as well and putting it on the forefront of my stack. This is killer.

Can we run st1 & st2 together in our stack?


Lol so many people are mixing khan with QL stacking 3 or 4 major subs this with that who knows what is really working.


Does anybody know if QL has Beyond Limitless embedded?


It’s awesome modafinil worked for you, and I’ve seen it work wonders for people around me, but sadly it wasn’t what my brain needs. I’ve had much better luck with racetams and Qualia.

I’ve had a script for modafinil a couple of times since 2013 or so, but I barely used it. Yes it makes me hyper awake, but I always felt like sh*t afterward. Fast forward to this year, I had several multi-channel EEG brain maps done and my beta is off the charts, and modafinil was trying to rev that up even higher.

It’s definitely not for everybody, just like any supplement. Every one of us has different biochemistry and brainwave patterns, so supplements & nootropics and other neurotech like subliminals or binaural beats etc shouldn’t be expected to work exactly the same with every person.

I’m stoked to see what effects I can get by stacking QL with memory & neural growth nootropics like CILTEP!


The Quantum Limitless Khan’s Inner Circle of Daredevils and Emperor Ultimately Artfully Alchemicizes Primal Seduction with Godlike Masculinity in his Mind’s Eye as Power Can Corrupt


Thank you! That certainly answers my question. I will contemplate your suggestions and see if the stack works out. I would start with Stage 1 for both major programs, so they should mesh decently enough. Perhaps I will leave out Inner Circle, in order to cut down on the amount of subliminal my subconscious is dealing with.


Can I stack Khan with QL?, I’m on stage 2 and dont want to stop


In theory, yes, there is nothing that says you cannot or that this will not work. Many people are weary about stacking major programs together but stacking two shouldn’t be detrimental and since QL is learning based in may actually amplify results (though that’s only a hypothesis).


I dont see why you cant stack with Khan. I think QLimitless should help with everything


Thanks man. I’m currently stacking it and so far it feels seemless. I must say I feel like my brain is opening up.


Thanks for the input.


Hey man! what stage of khan are you in? You should start writing a journal! :slight_smile:


@Crassus i am asking myself the same question.


QL definitely seems to have a stimulating effect on me. I cut down to 1 cup of coffee today but I’m still a bit hyper, but nowhere near as bad as yesterday.