Main Disc. Thread - Rebirth Ultima


What would you do if you were completely free from your past? :thinking::wink:


Well that says it all, doesn’t it :wink:


Friday, identify all modules in the Mandatory Core


I already said effects will emerge for most people 2-5 hours after running, and considering the fact that this is a healing sub without an emphasis on immediate external results, how do you know it’s not working?


I didnt say it’s not working. I said it’s not hitting hard, ie I am not feeling bad or any experiencing reconciliation.
It’s been about 2-5 hours later, I feel that I am able to express myself better.


I did one loop this afternoon nothing to report yet still early days.


Ran a loop around 9am. Been about 1 hour since I finished. It’s definitely just hitting now. I was planning on running my custom today, not sure if that’s gonna happen now.

This definitely feels like rebirth. Still too early to say it’s smooth though lol. But this basically feels like “hey drop everything and focus on this now” Will update again in a few hours to see how it continues to dig. Feels like there’s some serious momentum behind this.

I’ll say that I have a long history of self directed inward healing and introspection. That was my main focus for years before subclub. So I’m likely in tune with what this is doing.


As much fun (sarcasm implied) that running Rebirth Ultima would be I don’t feel I am in a place at this time where it would be beneficial given the amount of reconciliation I can imagine I would have with it.


Lots of Ultima choice already, and more to come no doubt.

But I think I’ll stick with Rebirth for the next 2 weeks, that should give it a fair shot. Then I’ll try a different one.

Really hoping Dreams Ultima is available by then.


Ended up listening to one loop of my custom anyway. Rebirth ultima definitely ramped up the intensity of it. But not in an overwhelming way. If anything I feel like it’s easier to overcome what’s being brought up without actually diving into the painful emotions behind it. I still feel the discomfort, but it’s not like I’m poking and pouring salt in the wounds so to speak. Also more courage to act on it and push through finally letting go of this stuff that’s been holding me back.

To keep it simple. Rebirth makes me feel like I can push myself further to get to where I need to be


Niiice, might try it tonight :wink:


Rebirth at one loop after my custom makes me angry. Unlike the previous version. This one seems to bring up past mistakes like trusting certain people too much then getting taken advantage off.


That was me for the first 25 years of my life until khan stage 1


Its funny Rebirth is also giving me the push in what i feel is the right direction. Sometimes you feel like your locked in a cage and do not know how to find a remedy to a problem.


That’s something interesting I’ve found with the past version of Rebirth, it could instantly give me direction in life whenever I was stuck. Haven’t tried the Ultima version though.


Hours have passed since my first loop and I feel good.


Ran rebirth today after running my custom over night. That was this morning still feeling alittle down I am doing another run of rebirth before i go out later as I want to be more positive like I was yesterday.


@blackadder I may run Rebirth Ultima on the days I am not running Beyond Limitless Ultima. I haven’t decided yet. I remember when Rebirth first came out I remember reading the description and how it would help with the influence of the toxic people in your life. Seeing how I have dealt with a lot of toxic guilt and emotional blackmail in my life and noticing how Beyond Limitless Ultima has dramatically shifted my thinking and responding in less than a week , adding to that would be incredibly fun and liberating.


Running this now. I may make it the only Ultima I run for the near future.

I am also running my q custom focused around Ascension, Primal and Sex Mastery + healing mods.

I’ve got SpartanQ running in my basement workout area.


It’s a shame Rebirth Ultima only has temporary effects because this sub format works extremely well for me.

@SaintSovereign did this mean that Rebirth Q was more permanent? If so how do we tailor Rebirth to have more lasting effects?