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This one isn’t temporary. It’ll cause permanent change.


Does it mean that all the reconciliation I went through running limit destroyer actually did a permanent reframe of something in my head?

Im happy! :blush:


While we’re on the topic of permanent Ultimas, is Stage 3 more permanent? :eyes::eyes:


Well, all I can say is:


Probably not. These are boosters, meant to compliment your stack. If you want deep growth, use a major program or build a custom.


Just curious. How is it that some Ultima subs only give temporary effects whereas for Rebirth Ultima, it become permanent? Is it the difference in the goals of each sub?


Ya’ll are killing me, rofl. I’m going to say this one last time, then everyone link to this post. All subliminal audio will give some kind of “permanent effect.” However, Ultima subs are very narrow in scope by nature, thus they will not cause the same deep growth as a broader major program. Hence, you should use them as a booster for your stack. Titles like Rebirth and Limit Destroyer, by nature, will cause more permanency than Ultima Stage 3, an attraction based sub that uses an aura.


Release the Kraken already :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Respectfully @SaintSovereign perhaps rewording your description to avoid any further ambiguities in your product\Ultima details is in order ? Re: permanent/temporary effects

It’s obviously caused confusion in a lot of folks including myself. ROFL.

p.s. Thanks for clearing up re: aware it’s permanent. .


Frankly, Ultima titles will give even more permanent change over the short as it really alters your reality in one loop. That being said I believe many others including myself have mentioned here on the forum that it is the experience you gain through subliminal suggestions that changes your personality, as it is the memories in your unconscious that shapes it.

The only thing different with Ultima compared to Q, Terminus & Terminus² is that it’s more goal-oriented and specific, where as the latter is broadly script with a lot of depth. Nonetheless both technologies will give you permanent change, with Ultima even more so in the short run, as Q itself takes longer to actually fully manifest and many people here on the forum never reach that state due to reconciliation where by they switch titles.

One big understanding explained a multitude of times, so I guess this is made clear now.


So u say that stage 3 can be permanent with enough exposure?


When you’re listening to a subliminal, you’re actually receiving a certain set of suggestions that change your thinking patterns and thus your way of being & acting. When you stop listening to it these suggestion will fade, so also the way you behave accordingly. The experiences you gained out of it, have changed you and that’s what you take with the effects will never be as prominent when you stop listening, such as the Aura’s etc.

Although over a very long period of time, let’s say you’ve been using it for 3 years, I can totally attest that the suggestions have changed you so much that they’re somewhat ‘more’ permanent, don’t expect to listen it two weeks and keep the same potency of effects – that’s a big illusion.


To make this clear for once and for all –

My answer


So it’s this correct:

Ultima: listen once, get a temporary boost (4+ hours). Effects fade.

Rebirth/Sanguine Ultima: listen regularly, permanent long lasting change.


I think @SaintSovereign talked about a manual in pdf which will explain all about Ultima


Lol it’s funny everyone worrying about what’s permanent and what’s not. I look at it this way, there are rarely any things in life that are permanent. You can’t eat one meal and survive the rest of your life. You can’t workout and then stop and retain all that strength. Growth is really maintenance. So whether or not ultima is permanent kinda doesn’t matter don’t you think? As long as your life improves. That’s the main goal.


I’ve had C-PTSD attacks for most of my life, Rebirth Ultima put an end to some really damaging self beliefs in little more than two days. I would very much like that to be permanent.


This is getting absurd. Ultima titles are boosters. They are meant to provide immediate / quicker results while your stack of major programs provide the long term growth. Any subliminal title will give some sort of permanence, but that’s not what these were built for. That’s it. Stop overcomplicating this.


How long are the files for the new ultima builds? Are they all the same across subs or is beyond limitless ultima and rebirth ultima different lengths?


All 60 minutes