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for some reason my BL ultima file is 59:49 (shows up as 59:54 when opened in vlc) while rebirth ultima is 59:54 (showing up as 1:00:00 in vlc) was there something wrong with my download?


My BLU is also 59:49 and my Sanguine Ultima 59:54. Not sure why


No, there’s nothing wrong with your downloads. The files aren’t guaranteed to be 60 minutes exactly, sometimes they’ll be off by a few seconds.


Anybody kind enough to share his results?



This guy is crushing it, and using Rebirth Ultima quite consistently


For purpose of convenience in stacking ultra over listening to Masked Ultima over headphones,

Putting aside the 1 loop wonder of Ultima, how effective is the older rebirth stacking module now in absolute terms?


Idk but for fun ill just drop this here, double the bandwidth (2-bit stream) +

So 2x + (User action). :thinking:


Any one noticed feeling sexual on healing subs…rebirth and regeneration?


Bro please expand the explanation :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


Thank you @Myster

Love the journaling, I’ve read it and it is inspiring to see how you grew with your sub’s usage, we should link parts of your journal here!


What I meant was it is 2x (information per second) + person doing something (nothing to ∞)

I would say that rebirthQ basically = Ultima + more time efficient, the stuff that matters over time … because

Things related to Ultima core…

My personal opinion on Ultima core. I would say its possible that each Ultima core has slight variability to suit the needs of the advanced script, specific to the end goal.

So running Q you miss out on beneficial “short term state shift”. If someone is bad at intent “State”, you may just “Zone out” (Focus) so to speak… Where with Ultima, the intent “State” is scripted for you.

To get around this, I would say run half of the Ultima at one time and finish it later. It could look like day 1, 30 Min Ultima, day 2 finish Ultima. Over time you will get used to what you skip out on (Theoretically).

This is based on insights by,

Focus, Intent and state all improve manifestation (Opinion), and as we said earlier Ultima probably does it automatically.


Addition for posterity…

Main Dev. Thread - 12

I’m starting to become very curious about what Rebirth Ultima does when combined with other subliminals. I like the idea of starting anew in this moment. It places a much greater emphasis on the present moment—forget what was in the past, I’m here right now and this is what I am. This is as opposed to Limit Destroyer Ultima which still has us presuppose the identity of someone who has limits accumulated which need to be removed. The name of Rebirth Ultima implies that the perspective taken in this ultima does not focus on the “accumulated past.”

So I really wonder what that would do in conjunction with a custom that has (say) Blue Skies or a subliminal focused on social stuff.


Neville Goddard said that the “Old Man” must die.


I was thinking about Neville Goddard when I wrote the above. Rebirth’s concepts does seem to fit in very will with Goddard’s teachings. I wonder if anyone here ran Rebirth Ultima while falling asleep.

@King have you used RebirthU? It is a bit strange that I cannot find many accounts of it.


Used it a few times. I am not so aware of the impact of Ultima subs on me unfortunately.


That is unfortunate, as it is exactly Ultima subs where it is intended for the impact to be easily known.


I guess I am a special case.


Do you use any Ultimas, then?


Yea, BLU and Limit Destroyer.


I would presume that you experience effects from these. Don’t they make a difference on you the day you run them?