Main Disc. Thread - Sanguine Ultima


I ran one loop a bit ago and will probably run one more in a while.


I literally got sanguine earlier in the week so to get this upgrade few days later and for free is amazing. Will stack later after i listen to AM to see how i feel or what i notice.
Question though i have a jbl flip 4 and jbl tune 500 headphones will those be good enough for ultima ?


@SaintSovereign in my profile i can see Sanguine Ultima visible but it does not say whether its the masked or ultra. I can also see the Q version but its called Q ultra masked ?.


Sanguine is the first title to get a launch. Stage 1 is an original title that hasn’t been released yet. Stage 2 Special, which @Hermit, myself and two anonymous testers (who are forum members) are running is also an original title. Stage 2 regular is Stark in Ultima format.


There is no ultrasonic. Ultima is a hybrid. Masked with an embedded ultrasonic, among other things. My apologies, I was exhausted when I worked on this last night. I’ll add that to the support article and page copy.


Great news!! Im gonna test it right away.


I am using a Huawei Freelace - will that be good enough for Ultima?


Only one way to find out – gotta give it a try. That’s why we’re giving out a free Ultima title or two, so people could test their listening setup.


Can I give it a try then?


I actually just remembered I bought an amazing BT speaker recently. The Anker Soundcore Motion+. Not to sound like an advert but I highly, highly recommend if anyone wants to go the portable speaker route.

It was only $100 when I got it but the sound quality is insane.


If you don’t own Sanguine, you’ll have to wait until the free sub, “Ultima Stage 1,” is released.


I don’t own Sanguine. Will wait for Ultima Stage 1 then.


Testing Sanguine Ultima in my Klipsch The Three Capitol Edition!!


Was just thinking. I’m very happy about this release. Yesterday during work I was thinking about how Sanguine or a custom with Sanguine is so necessary for my line of work. We had a meeting where our most successful guy to ever do my job at our branch gave all of us very good advice. His most important takeaway was to “Stay positive even in tough and negative situations” as clients can feel that energy. I completely resonated because there’s always some shit going on. Dickhead clients. Unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances killing deals after weeks/months of work. I’ve been stressed myself recently and I was thinking, “damn I could really use Sanguine right now”. Today, I wake up and I see Sanguine Ultima. Synchronicity? The universe at work? Manifestation? Could be all of the above but I’m very grateful.


Remember everyone: Please note that Ultima does NOT make Q, Terminus and Terminus Squared obsolete. Ultima uses a very specific type of script. It’s best used as a booster or short-term state shifting. It does NOT cause deep growth.

For major titles and deep growth, I recommend Q or Terminus. Terminus Squared for the adventurous, because who the hell knows exactly what T2 is doing. :joy:


Oh man! Im 40 minutes into Sanguine Ultima and Im at the verge of crying.
I feel Im in a deep state of joy, I wanna dance, move love.
Ive never had this response before to any sub.

Edit: Im in a deep state of inner calmness and my heart chakra is warm and vibrating strongly.


Same exact thing here, I was trying to fit it into my Custom as it really is one of the most beneficial stacking modules, and I couldn’t find a spot for it. Now one day later, it gets released in Ultima format.



Wait so all the other titles are getting Ultima upgrades too? Dang


Sanguine is also in primal. When I’m on primal I also feel like dancing,singing, making love to nature and the world. It opens me up to my authentic true self. For me no other sub club sub or stack has done this. if you have any type of sexual repression or you are repressing the inner real you primal will bring that you to the surface. I just added sanguine to my stack few days ago but now will take out primal for a month so I can see what sanguine does without having primal in a stack.
I know primal is supposed to be a inner game subliminal for getting women but I feel it’s more than that. It’s like a self love subliminal


Awesome!! Thanks for sharing that, never tried Primal before, I did use sanguine in my stack for a while months ago, but cant remember something like this happening, so maybe it didnt.
Will keep using sanguine and consider Primal for a custom when the time comes.