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@SaintSovereign Good to know. I wasnt expecting anything right away. I sort of thought what I am feeling was actually because of some alone quiet time I made for myself


I consider the Superchargers a hybrid track – you can just hear the spoken track. We’ve known how to create them for awhile, but we’re discovering that a lot of our assumptions aren’t panning out the way we thought. For example, you’d THINK that Terminus Squared would work the same way as Q and Terminus, just faster, given the fact that the builds are VERY similar, just more information.

Yeah… that’s not what’s happening at all. I don’t quite under what Terminus Squared is doing. As soon as the queue for Q slows down a bit, I’m going to probably make an Emperor T2, just to get more feedback. We’ve received all kinds of crazy reports – everything from time loops to sudden hyperawareness of time and space. Some people get nothing at all, might as well listen to silence. Some on T2 Mind’s Eye are reporting having a vivid imagination for the first time. That being said, Q and Terminus works as intended – Q gives you stable results, Terminus does the same, just with more reconciliation and overload if you’re not primed for it.

Hybrids are the same way. You can’t just make one and then use the exact same scripting and expect it to work the same. Our hybrids are different than other producers also. There’s some… special stuff I included based off my years producing music.

Also, behind the scenes, we run our company like a tech / research firm, a skill I learned as a product developer / product marketer. Believe it or not, the successor to Ultima is already in planning and I have a prototype. Just need much more information on Ultima’s results, so don’t expect an Ultima 2 until early next year.


Hmm, not sure. The masked should be fine, but I’m curious how they’ll perform with the ultrasonic part.


@SaintSovereign if I buy Minds Eyes now, does it still comes whit the T² version?


@Joa93 Yes


@SaintSovereign I havent run ME T2 although I probably should because I cant visualize for shit


Im downloading it now! Im going for the full psylocibin type of visualization :joy:
Minds Eye T² here we go!!


By the way, the heart chakra sensation I started feeling with Sanguine Ultima… Its still going on strong.
It has a menthol like quality to it, its hot on the inside and refreshing cool on the surface.
I can see the green coming out of my heart shaped as a beam.
Im filled with joy, I feel as I did as a kid.
And I listened to sanguine 6 hours ago!!


I ran sanguine ultima 1 loop this morning, I have less negative thought I’ll say, usually when I sleep badly I always have negative thought and bad energy! Not so bad today!

I saw @SaintSovereign told earlier that it might take some time to build momentum, I’ll be patient with it, I imagine running true social or even libertine ultima :heart_eyes: godlike masculinity maybe?


Has there been any consensus as to whether SU is more effective first thing in the morning vs last thing before bed? Or even as a track to drift to sleep to?


Or legacy :muscle:


This is a whole new game, which one to chose as a booster :thinking:



I was thinking that a good test might be to try a Terminus2 build with one or more of the titles that are more clearly expressed in performance or physical changes. (e.g., Boxing Mastery, Sex Mastery, Emperor Fitness, Spartan, and so on). Since they’re more directly tied to some performance-context could be easier to evaluate, at least compared to titles that are more about mindset or purely internal processes.

I really like my Terminus2 program. But the effects feel different. Deeper and less obvious. But powerful, I think.


@Malkuth do you alternate T2 vs non T2 for the same program? If so, why?


Hey @SubliminalUser,

I’m not quite following the context of your question, but, no, I do not.

I’m running Mind’s Eye Terminus2, since May 24, 2020. I own Mind’s Eye standard build but have not used it. The reason I have not used the non-Terminus2 build is that at least half of my motivation for running this is to explore what the Terminus2 build does.

So I want a relatively pure experience of it. (Not completely pure because I can’t really account for the influences of other related subliminals that I’m running, of other practices in my life like meditation and magick or of any other unrecognized factors that could be influencing my mind). But, relatively pure.

I started running Stark Q Terminus on May 2, 2020 and was very intrigued by the instant response that I felt. To date, that was my most dramatic initial response to any subliminal. That, understandably, got me very interested in the possibilities of Terminus builds. So I was really excited and interested to try the first Terminus2 program when it was released. Add to that that I’d been highly anticipating Mind’s Eye ever since it was first announced (as a possible supercharger), and my decisions are pretty transparent.


What did you have in mind when you raised the question?


If you had done it, I would be interested in seeing the different dimensions that exist in terms of effects across the two powers. Because according to Saint himself, T2 is not a strict power increase (unlike T) and just seems to do something different altogether. Therefore I’d be interested in seeing how the same subliminal affects someone in non-T2 vs T2.


Ah, I see. Yes, exactly. I’m on the same page.

I’m really interested in that same question. But for now I’m staying with T2 because I want to make sure I get a definitive enough experience of it.

It still feels so subtle and mysterious to me, to be honest. There have been a couple of times when I got an almost cinematic experience. But most of the time, my mental imagery is the vague, tenuous stuff that I’m used to.

The other day was interesting. I went out walking and decided to do a little imagery exercise as I walked. It’s called the Circle of Power (pretty similar to LBRP practice). In very brief, you visualize some angels around you and some light going through them and through you.

Anyway, as I walking, I got a pretty solid feel of the archangels and that was pretty interesting.

Then there are the Mind’s Eye functions and effects that are not strictly about visualization but are more about the potency of manifestation. I feel like that’s at work also.

Maybe T2 sometimes bypasses the conscious mind completely, and just completely trusts your subconscious to take care of the whole thing. Like when a family member is praying for you and you don’t even know about it, but you still benefit from it.


This idea would be really interesting to apply to the case of physical subliminals like QL or EF or physical change modules. E.G. for physicality shifter if Q/T is about making the physical change happen, what would T2 do differently? :open_mouth:


Is it that one? ^ @i_am