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Can we listen ultima on speakers? I thought its only headset


It’s right there in the original post.


I am going to run one or two loops of Sanguine Ultima later today. I want to give it a few days to a week or so before I really access anything.


Yup, that’s it. Phenomenal speaker. Only thing is I wish the bass was a little louder. It’s still definitely one of the best portable speakers for that price range, but like with anything, I’m sure there’s something out there even nicer


If you decide to make Emperor T2, can you please make it in masked track also?
Many people here prefer ultrasonic tracks as they suits them best.
Others like myself exclusively use masked tracks because we experience stronger effects from them.


As much as I know people would love to have an Emperor T2, it seems to me like a better test would be to make StarkQ T2. A big problem with not being able to test the differences is not having an accurate gauge. We have StarkQ and StarkT, we have Mind’s EyeQ and Mind’s Eye T2, but no third option for either title to say “this is this much more powerful in comparison”. Alternatively, Mind’s Eye Terminus would also be a more accurate way for users to be able to gauge the difference/their reaction to the different levels.


I agree. Its hard to gauge the difference between Q and T2 without third options - just T.


@SaintSovereign - how are Bluetooth headphones for Ultima subs? I have a “Sennheiser HD 4.40-BT On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones” and have NOT used them for my previous subs.

Normally I use a moderately good in-ear headphones when sleeping. But since I don’t have any high grade headphones other than my bluetooth one (which costs around 100 dollars in the US market), was wondering whether I should try this with Sanguine Ultima.


These would be great, I’ve been using Bluetooth headphones as well, which we’re much less balanced when looking at the flat outputs. Give it a go, you’ll surely have great results and no need to spend additionals on new audio gear.


@hermit - you mean you were using Bluetooth headphones for Ultima? And the previous subs as well? (asking this too just incase I wanna transition to just Bluetooth)


Yes, Bose Noise Canceling 700, absolutely horrible when it comes down to flat output. Yet it did have Bluetooth 5 which directly downloads the track into my headphones, not to have any interference whatsoever.


@Hermit - Hmm. I think mine is 4.4. Wonder whether that will work. Not an audiophile myself.


I don’t think there’s much disturbances where it will affect your results, anyhow the only way to know is by giving it a shot.


@Hermit - you are right. I had bought Sanguine before. And so will get the Ultima version automatically. And I have these headsets. So giving it a shot would be the thing to do.


Of course. We send all of our titles through Q when we build them (except Ultima, it’s semi-hand built), which produces a masked and ultrasonic file.


Anything above Bluetooth 4 should be fine as far as the data-transmission goes. The biggest improvement in 5 is power-saving I believe.

That said, I never liked having those BT signals through my head, especially at night while I sleep.

Fortunately, there’s no point using them while sleeping, it’s not really the best place to use Ultima, it being there to state-shift you and all. Bit pointless if you intend to sleep through it.

Although there IS the Dreams supercharger…

Saint was kind enough to share Ultima Sanguine with me to test. Never tried the previous Sanguine. Here’s what I wrote down while I listened. Keep in mind that whatever results I have, other people will likely have even more. My mind is stubborn that way. Takes a few days to get the message.

First thing I noticed (after the usual odd sensations that happen every time I start a new SubClub sub) was that the water-sounds appear to be a bit higher quality compared to before. Probably the headphones.

Somewhere around the 5 minute mark a general sense of well-being and calm came over me. I felt like leaning back, smiling and stirring my tea. Of course, once noticed my mind started resisting it a bit and it became a little less. But it’s still here as I’m typing. As a matter of fact, my whole body feels a bit heavier, I’m breathing slower and deeper and don’t feel like doing anything but smelling and sipping my tea right now. I can imagine writing in my journal by the fire in my wooden forest cabin (hey, I can dream, right?)

A few little pricks at the forehead area, but nothing as pronounced as previous Ultima tests runs.

I’m tempted to go to the product page and read up on what Sanguine was supposed to do again.

Around the 50 minute mark now. Very slight dull headache, state has mostly normalized although I’m still more relaxed.

I went and looked up the product page afterwards.

I’m still quite relaxed actually. Pretty much dozed off during meditation. :slight_smile:

I also just realized I have contacted a few people today that I was reluctant to contact before. It just felt right. No harm in asking them for what I want, right?


The best thing about Sanguine is that you’re totally in the Tao, especially after a sip of Zen Tee, not to mentioned having complete trust in yourself whereby you gain the confidence to perform in your best possible way, in any environment.


Now that the Ultima testing is done I plan to start running this once a night for the near future, through my Sennheiser HD-580s.


@DarkPhilosopher - yes. That’s what I decided to do yesterday. My other subs I will listen using my normal in-ear headphones while sleeping. They are also more comfortable when laying down compared to covering-the-ear headphones, during sleep. And yes, am wary of Bluetooth too.

So will play Sanguine Ultima using Bluetooth headphones when I wake up. It only needs one loops anyways.


I know your talking about terminus Squared here but is is it possible to experience time loops and hyper awareness of time and space on Ultima ? I wasn’t gonna mention this but After seeing this comment, I Had listened to sanguine Ultima around 3pm on Saturday on my Bluetooth speaker, I didn’t notice anything special or notice anything at all. I ran it after I ran ascended mogul, Now fast foward I go to sleep later on at night and wake up around 3am ish to take a leak. I rise out of my bed half way and it felt liked time had stopped completely. It felt like time didn’t exist. I even asked myself where am I ? What’s going on, I was seriously asking myself why does it feel like I’m living this moment over again ? it literally felt like moments ago I got up to take a leek, look out my window to see the planet Venus shining bright, then go back to sleep.
It was a freaky experience but not scary it was kinda cool. Maybe it was a delay affect from sanguine Ultima ? Before I finally got off the bed I was really wondering and asked myself am I really in my body? Is this me ? it was a trippy experience even though brief.
Would love to hear about the people who felt the time loops and the hyper awareness of time and space on those other builds