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Does anyone know if the AirPods Pro noise canceling feature will affect this sub when playing the masked version? Or should I turn that feature off?


I have been using Sanguine ultima half an hour first thing in the morning before i start my custom subs and then half an hour in the evening a few hours after i have finished my custom subs. I have been feeling productive and no sign of reconciliation whilst listening to my stack this way. I remember Hermit saying in a post that you should try and feel good before running subs so i have been doing experimenting this way thanks


You’re splitting it in two? Not exactly recommended. But if it works for you…


I messed up and ran one loop of Sanguine Ultima yesterday and two the day before. Definitely explains why I felt so overwhelmed much of yesterday afternoon and evening. I am going to purchase Beyond Limitless later today but I am going to be careful with that. I did run one loop of StarkQ Terminus last night which weirdly seemed to help me relax and calm down quite a bit. For all my concerns about StarkQ and the not wanting attention something in that audio just lets me be on an even keel in ways nothing else ever has outside of my ADHD meds. The combination of the two is almost scary for me. Once I have Beyond Limitless Ultima I will probably drop listening to Sanguine Ultima for now. It doesn’t really fit my overall goals where as Beyond Limitless Ultima does. As someone who grew up having their intelligence constantly questioned this is huge. Combined with StarkQ Terminus this could be a life and game changer.


How did Sanguine feel for you?


Are you referring to the prior version or Ultima?


I have this question, too, @pinnacle. I just got some AirPod pros and am wondering if they will be ok with the noise canceling settings.


Ultima of course


Is anybody hearing a very soft tone in the background, almost like a pulsing or humming?

Now this could be the lingering effects of the previous Ultima, but for the past few days I’ve been quite productive and since starting on Sanguine, also quite bold. I really don’t care if they think I’m rude, if I need something I will ask whomever I need to ask until I get a satisfactory answer. I think my hands are getting annoyed with me from all the mailing and dialing.

The sense of relaxation is not as profound as it was yesterday, but I was more tired yesterday. On the other hand, I do have a strong sense of self-assurance. Hence all the communicating I suppose.

20 minutes in now. Got a very slight tinnitus. Comes and goes on the right.

Something of note that may have something to do with all the Ultima, or nothing at all. I only slept like 2 hours last night and I woke up without an alarm. It’s now 5 hours later and I still feel completely alert and awake.

Never mind, it set in at 35 minutes. Thank you Ultima for wiping me out. :wink:

Fatigue lasted for a few hours after running it, it’s gone now. No aches or anything today. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.


Thats interesting i may rebuild my custom around primal.


@DarkPhilosopher I am very tired today myself after feeling overwhelmed most of yesterday afternoon and evening. If I run anything today it will be Beyond Limitless Ultima when I purchase it later today. I may just wait and start running it after I wake up on non rest days.


I just had a wave of exhaustion.(finished listening to sanguine U about 7 hours ago). I figured it was the rice I had for lunch, but I dunno. And I alway have an underlying high pitched sound (stronger in the right ear) since I started subs. It hasn’t gotten any worse, however.


Have you ever tried primal before ? Before Q I was never able or run primal for long because my horiness would be to much so each time I started using it after a few days I would stop because I couldn’t handle the sexual energy. Q is different I feel for me personally 1 loop of primal is all I need in a day , and the sexual energy is just right.


Its funny you should ask I am toying with the idea of rebuilding using emperor core or primal. My best moments have always been with emperor so I am putting in a new build order to use the emperor core to replace ascension.


Looks like everybody jumped on the BL train. I did listen to another round today. Once again different. It made me feel lighter and optimistic, but also a bit restless, like I should be doing something. No exhaustion.


This is the kind of reconciliation I experienced first days of Ultima Beyond Limitless. I reckon it was due to not running any additional programs that gave me direction on what to work on…

In the end all was fine.


Hmm. It could also be that Sanguine doesn’t give as dramatic of a transformation as BL reportedly does…


This was my third day, I was mainly remarking on how every day it’s affecting me differently.


I felt nothing at all. So you’ve got me beat this time. (I’m another who doesn’t tend to experience rapid dramatic reactions).

I’m sticking with @SaintSovereign’s suggestion to leave a day or two between listens. That first listen was Monday so I’ll do another loop today.

(Hmm…maybe since I do have more muted results I can experiment with playing more loops or more frequently. We’ll see.)

I’ve got my hands very full with the programs that I’m running, so this is just icing on the cake for me. If and when it kicks in, I’ll appreciate it.


Keep in mind that you’re not supposed to necessarily feel anything while running it. It’s usually 1-5 hours afterward that the effect kicks in strong. Hence, why we recommend running these in the morning. New instruction manual with details on Ultima coming by Sunday.