Main Disc. Thread - Sanguine Ultima


I can seriously attest to that timing lol. I listened to 2 loops of LDU around 10am-12pm and boom around 4-5 i had like a huge mental breakthrough about my whole life and all that i have been doing that has kept me stuck where i am. I know that subs have made plenty of impact on my life since i first started them back in 2018 but my problem is i jump around and have shiny object syndrome, and other problems like i would get bored listening to them and what not, but all of those are my doing, Subclub subs are amazing and really can make a huge difference in your life if you stick to them.


@Floridianninja I had something similar running Beyond Limitless Ultima. Like an intellectual awakening or something just clicked on and all of the sudden I’m thinking " what in the fuck am I doing ? Why didn’t I put this much effort into thinking this shit through a long time ago? "


Sounds like the NZT moment from Limitless


uhh…I also realized that I had not used my better-quality headphones on Monday when I listened to Beyond Limitless. That may also have contributed to my muted reaction. I’ll try it next time with the studio(-esque) cans.

These are the phones I was using:



@Malkuth just to understand you’re saying those Sony headphones you were using are NOT as effective? I recently bought the same versions but blue colour.


Nah, it’s just relaxed conjecture. I’m only guessing. I actually have no idea. There could be some other reason I didn’t have the powerful reactions being experienced by others. Actually, after I posted the picture of those headphones, I thought ‘you know, those aren’t half-bad’. hahaha.


@Malkuth you know what the strange thing is for me? I have been running ascension + regeneration and PCC and although I truly believe it gives results and from reading all there is here in subclub forums for the past 2 months, I haven’t honestly experienced as much effects as all others here have written about. I have noticed some mild effects but that is about it. I have told myself I will give all 3 subs 90 days and I plan on completing it before adding or buying anything else. Since I bought sanguine then too, I got the Utlima version free upgrade and ran it twice. Nothing like the feelings people here describe actually happened for me. I don’t know to be honest maybe I need increase loops since I do know that my subconscious can be stubborn. I run each sub once before bed and once I get up. Sometimes twice, and maybe in middle of the day when. Maybe once my 90 days are up, and when I order a custom I will go with Terminus. Since as of now past 60 days I don’t have very high or noticable changes within me that I can contribute to the subs I have been listening. I do get some intense dreams however so that gives me some hope that subs are doing some changes if nothing at all.


Make sure to keep a journal. I also usually feel like I’m not getting anything, so I start writing down all the things that I think are probably not related. At some point Saint reads it and tells me “Oh, trust me, you’re being affected by it…”

Of course he won’t tell me which things are because of the subs and why, but people have commented on how much I’ve changed. In my case, the majority of the changes is spiritually and intuitive, since becoming more intuitive and in tune with yourself is part of the core scripting of pretty much all the subs, and it was where I was lacking the most, being someone operating by complete logic.


lol, I literally see you changing week by week and that’s only the introverted aspect of you, I guess people in your personal life are even noticing it more so.


I am stacking sanguine and beyond limitless with my existing stack


Strange, I tend to feel it most within the first 20 minutes, kind of like a boost. Then, things settle a bit and sustain themselves for a good 8+ hours.


@Azriel Very close. It’s definitely a process that will become clearer as time goes by and running Beyond Limitless Ultima. I don’t recall who said it but running the Ultima versions almost makes me not want to run my custom or customs. @SaintSovereign is correct that you feel a sense of freedom, confidence, and power. Beyond Limitless Ultima is by far my favorite SubClub audio


How many loops are you guys doing for beyond limitless ? i was thinking perhaps 3 loops at least.


That many loops? Why? Is it going to be the only thing you run?


I have only been running one loop of Beyond Limitless Ultima but I may add one more


I really want to give Beyond Limitless Ultima a week or so running it solo and see where I am at after.


I think I will follow your lead


I meant to say 2 not 3 sorry. :slight_smile:


@blackadder No you’re not


Isn’t there a Beyond Limitless thread?

I ran Sanguine again. Today it makes me experience a general sense of well-being.