Main Disc. Thread - Sanguine Ultima


@DarkPhilosopher There is? Really?



Sorry i dont understand


Since he’s the last poster in that thread, I think it’s safe to say he was being sarcastic. And making a “compliment” about blackadder’s age above that. I stand corrected, looks like I need more Limitless myself.

JC, I am very glad that you took your time responding and thought it through before resorting to sarcasm. :wink:

I prefer giving a simple hint to move the conversation to its right thread so new members can find it easier instead of doing something that would cause people to post pictures of being suppressed by the fascist staff members.


Well I guess I shoulda read in context :joy:


@blackadder You said you were sorry. My response was meant as sarcasm.


@DarkPhilosopher I most likely shot myself in the foot with that one. Now I will almost have to make a habit out of thinking things through . Oh well. Very beneficial and it could be worse.


@DarkPhilosopher It just happened. I was about to reply in the Ultima thread and realized what I wanted to say would be misconstrued as an insult and not as sarcasm. Oh well.


I was kind of tired lying in bed, then put Sanguine Ultima, after 30 minutes Im moving all around the house, smiling, really happy and motivated.
A burning sensation in my heart chakra, I think im doing some exercise.

Ultima is really good, I have great expectations for elixir and libertine.


Maybe I’m using the wrong headphones then cause for me I don’t feel anything like that at all ^


I dont use headphones, I use an amp with speakers.
Also the experience is different for everyone


That sounds awesome, I may try a loop tonight.

which Amps/Speakers do you use?


@Azriel For now In using my Klipsch The Three Capitol edition, wich I have in my bedroom. It sounds awesome!
My main stereo system is now in boxes, cause Im moving to another apartment.


Earbuds in general have smaller drivers than over the ear headphones. Less dynamics on them in my opinion. If we’re dealing with speech there’s actually a lot of nuances in the human voice that complements frequency as well.

Obviously I’m not the one making ultima. But I’d guess the more clarity the better. Kind of makes sense that the higher quality over the ear headphones can work better. I’d imagine speakers work even better actually. You can actually perceive depth on those more easily which might make it easier to locate things in the sound space and they generally have more accurate timing when paired with a good amp. But again that’s all theory on my part.


I agree speakers over headphones and high quality headphones over earbuds.


Another day, another run. It’s like those every flavored beans from Harry Potter. I unfortunately got the exhaustion one today. Feel more energized after.

It’s like it amplifies what I already feel. I’f I’m tired, I become exhausted. If I’m content, I get a sense of great well-being. If I’m confident, I feel unstoppable.


@DarkPhilosopher Yeah you and me both. I couldn’t drag my ass for nothing yesterday morning then ran one loop of Beyond Limitless Ultima and an hour or three later I was bored out of my mind finding something to do all the while trying to avoid having to talk to a couple of people I live with. Fun times


Feeling is energy and has a frequency scale to it, you already know this :smiley:

The higher your ‘feel-ing’ the better your execution and results.


Gotta feed your brain.


Wait, what?! Eating? But I haven’t done that in 4 months. My brain is living happily off 100% bio-degradable ketones.

If I eat now, it’ll go straight through me. Well, 30 minutes tops. :wink:

Okay, so it might explain it. Still, ketones are easier to consume for the brain than glucose. They are just slower to make. Like I said, I was fine a bit afterwards. Maybe it’s the mental sprinting that wears on me, like a physical sprint would.