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Lol you serious?

As a doctor I see that highly problematic and must advise you to stop with that behavior immediately. Personally though, I find that highly fascinating. How long do you want to continue? You are really pushing your limits, damn


Don’t worry, I’m ever the scientist at this, everything is under controlled and well-measured conditions.

You should hear how a doctor describes my blood right now. “Like that of a new born baby. Clean and perfect, free of any contaminants. Amazing.”

The human body is capable of a lot and mine in particular. Plus, I was somewhat overweight when I started. Right now I am nearing the average minimum recommended levels by the health institutions. I measure once a week and visually more often. I already got some healthy foods in the house when it’s time to start the engines back up. I expect in 2 or 3 weeks. And I admit that on the third month I started taking liquid vitamin supplements, since the body only tends to have a 1-2 month reserve. Just to be on the safe side.

A long time ago I took a hard look at the most efficient way to rapidly increase health and lose excess body fat and ended up with fasting. You can accomplish in 1 or 2 months of responsible fasting what takes 6 months of healthy responsible living and exercise. Of course, you would have to pick up with healthy responsible living and exercise afterwards to stay there.

And indeed, I would not recommend such an extended duration to people, but since COVID kept me indoors on my now skinny tush behind my computer 16/7, I didn’t need to eat anyway. Fat burning may be slow, but it can handle that. And since I was carrying boxes and equipment for an hour or so earlier today and do short yoga sessions every day, it doesn’t mind moderate exercise either.

Anyway, I suppose I was asking for attention when I wrote that, but if you want to talk about it (I have a LOT to tell on the topic, passionately), feel free to PM me.

On the one hand the brain needs lots of energy, on the other it works faster when it’s not preoccupied with the process of creating said energy. I’m constantly annoyed by how slow everything around me is going. So subliminals are processed at light speeds, but they can’t be taken in at light speeds. Funny.


An extended fast eh? I might know a thing or two about that :wink: . But yes it is fringe for now; only a few people know how to do it.


@DarkPhilosopher I sense heavy amounts of sarcasm


Nope, all serious. I’d have to be running Beyond Limitless to do sarcasm. :wink:

I may have consumed a little bit of bio fruit and green two weeks ago after I had taken some “herbs” but my body was punishing me for two days after.


@DarkPhilosopher I see what you did there


The longest fast I’ve done is 4 weeks, and I spent the final week watching cooking shows all day. Drove me absolutely nuts, but it was great for developing self discipline.


Back on topic: I’m running Sanguine for the rest of the week. Next week, I pick another Ultima. Hard to choose which. But for now, I won’t cheat on Sanguine yet.

I do notice, like Saint says, that the after-effects sort of balance out after a while. I get the more extreme responses at the start and sometimes during listening, but now that I’m almost a week in, they are a bit less, more balanced. Takes a few hours after listening though.


I think I figured out part of the effects of Sanguine. Saint gave me Stage 3 to try out, and although I have yet to experience its full effects, I did notice as I was going out today that I no longer had that constant feeling that everything in my life was going according to plan. I remember thinking “hey, that must have been Sanguine!”


That’s exactly what Sanguine does, it takes some time to notice depending on your power of self-reflection but once you can pin-point the effects of Sanguine, there’s literally no way around it.

Sanguine gives you complete trust in your self and your reality, with an underlying sense of optimism for the future, I totally love it. Sanguine is like the Tao.


@Hermit Don’t tell everyone the secret. Let everyone experience and experiment. :wink:


@Hermit Like a go with the flow feeling?


Yes, very much so, there’s way more to it then that though. I would personally have to run it and observe the effects for my self in order to describe the effect with more detail.

Sanguine really uplifts you emotionally and gives you this unshakable trust in yourself and your capabilities. Feeling at peace and surrender to the moment and whatever lies ahead of it, more over you feel like everything is according to plan in every situation. (By the way you feeling this way is exactly what creates the situation), so it’s a really powerful script.

It really has an anti-reconciliation effect, I really don’t see how you can have resistance to that, and it amps up your power to feel-good even in times of reconciliation.


I definitely feel the optimistic uplifting effects. I’m experiencing one of the most positive-feeling Sundays in several months. This is even though nothing extraordinary has happened!


Sanguine Ultima would definitely add to what I’m already experiencing with Beyond Limitless Ultima in that instead of reacting to something I can or will stop myself from my emotions getting the best of me and be more thoughtful and decide if its either necessary, relevant, or important that I say anything.


Reading this is the first time I’ve considered using this title. I thought I was already pretty sanguine so I just kind of ignored that one. I’d been thinking of it more as an emotional or physical state, rather than as a point of view or an ontological orientation, if that makes sense.

(Geez. There are certain terms that make me much more likely to be interested in something: Yggdrasil, the Tao… fortunately this seems to be a somewhat limited demographic and most advertisers ignore these terms completely)


Looks like you really are an Alchemist!


A common enough vocation around these parts. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


anybody tried what the limit of loops for Sanguine U is until reconciliation? I guess one should be able to listen to more loops compared to Beyond Limitless U


It’s different for everyone, this isn’t a “one size fits all” question