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The Executive actually addresses this in the script. You won’t get hits of euphoria if you’re not actively working on something, trust me. You’ll feel nothing, or irritation / sadness.


Is a similar effect if other productivity based subs/modules -Emperor/ Productivity unleashed etc?


In my experience-

QL,BLU,BL,LQ- I feel nothing/no change at all if I don’t study/work on something.

StarkQ- a weird restless feelings if I am watching youtube a lot or doing things I consider a waste of time. StarkQ was unbearable if I was planning on playing it while doing nothing. I didn’t quite feel a push to work either it just made me feel restless.

EQ- a feeling similar to starkQ but weaker. for some reason it’s push to work was a bit stronger than starkQ. I was actually doing things for once.


Why do people keep thinking about Limitless and NZT when I’m way beyond that and striving for the Lucy experience.

Right now I’m actually experiencing a complete regression, doing the complete opposite from productivity. Heck, I even met my old nemesis porn the other day. And when I do stuff it’s stuff that doesn’t require thinking.

One could guess it’s reconciliation, but I don’t really listen to subs all that much as my lack of productivity makes it so I don’t get around to it.


Lucy was interesting. I played QL Stage 1 for two loops last night and now I’m on my second loop today of BLU. I am loving the insights , random knowledge , and perspective I am gaining. I will probably alternate days with these two with healing days running Regeneration and Elixir. I will run Executive on days I have things that need getting done


you know her too? It’s a simpler life lol


@DarkPhilosopher People think while watching porn? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose?


honestly what gets me out of a funk these days,
and back to working towards what matters or enjoying what is in a healthier way,
is putting myself on my deathbed and feeling the pain of a life without what I dream off,
sometimes I even think of loved one’s dying or my own corpse rotting, or dying in an instant,
the reaper stays like a cold friend on my shoulder to put things in perspective.

That’s actually why I chose Azriel -which is really Azrael- the angel of death- to remember there is no time to waste.


Holy morbid thoughts, Batman!

I think I wouldn’t even be able to do that, I trained my mind to only ever see the upside of things. Well, that or nothing at all. The Memento Mori way of thinking is alien to me.

Well, since starting subs my taste has evolved towards more and more art and story and lovemaking. And eventually I stopped watching altogether, the closest thing being a live joint masturbation session with a female friend over a video call.

I kind of forgot the comma. When I actually get myself to do stuff, anything at all, I can’t seem to do complex things so stick to activities that don’t take any thinking. Hence, I’ve been doing digital decluttering while watching TV show marathons. I have to say, The 100 went all over the place.



Similar to the Stoic exercise of “Memento Mori”. Though that’s more about acknowledging you could die at any time, so it helps to gain perspective and “Get after it.”

EDIT: I posted the first part of this before reading down and seeing that DP had mentioned it lol. That’s what I get for replying/quoting in realtime.


It’s not to morbid,
just like a splash of cold water.
I mean we all die some day-best to have a good relationship to that fact imo.
But whatever route works :slight_smile:
joint session sounds fun lol


Speak for yourself, I plan on transcending when I’m done on the physical plane, even if that takes 200 years of staying physical. I’ll be done when I’m done.

As a mentor once told me: “I plan on living forever or die trying.”

Now let’s execute that plan! :slight_smile:



ok this is fire


That is awesome and fire as hell lol


This is great! I see it’s priced now, glad to have gotten this when it was free!


Considering I have been running Executive more than anything lately it probably explains why my mindset is shifting and I am more about getting shit done


WHAAT! Amazing! Looking forward to more trailers!


I have only run Executive today and just one loop so far. I’m not sure if it’s the confidence part but I realized earlier that I have even less to no desire to seek people out for reassurance or approval. It makes me feel like I’m giving someone power over me which isn’t happening