Main Disc. Thread - The Executive


It’s also amusing with Executive because I will tell myself I will do something tomorrow or whenever and still end up doing it that day.
It does make me curious if adding Beast Unleashed on days I workout would be ok? @SaintSovereign


Yes, you should be fine. Better than fine, actually – I’m guessing the two will synergize quite nicely.


That’s dope!


In light of the new modules, I’m revising my planned wealth Q custom, and I’ve got a question.

I’ve currently got Productivity Unleashed as a module, but I also have The Executive to run alongside it, which works quite well for me. How do these compare? Could I drop Productivity Unleashed and just run Executive as-needed?


I’ve been having this exact same experience but with exercise things. I’m attributing it to Extreme Exercise Motivation.

The other day I was thinking, ‘hmm…what if I tried walking my commute to work. Maybe I’ll try that next week. Might require some planning.’

And then I did it that same day. Got to work like ‘okay. I guess we did that then.’


You gotta love trailer voice-overs…


I’m really fascinated with how The Executive would pair with AscensionQ? I would think it would help any guy get his shit together


I’m curious if the executive is meant as a supercharger for certain subs. I plan on trying it for 6 months at least. Any thoughts to which subs would be ideal to use with the executive?


I was thinking about running Executive with Ascension for a few weeks to a month to see how I feel. I think that and Ascended Mogul would be a perfect starting point.


Are you done your regeneration and Elixir Ultima journey? When are you planning to run the executive Ultima and Ascension?


Not sure yet. I have been really lazy and unmotivated lately and my confidence is for shit so I’m feeling a bit frustrated although I love Elixir. I was thinking of running that with Ascension and Executive. Elixir definitely gives me a perspective I’ve never felt


Guys i am using it with Ascended Mogul and all i can say is that it is a Beast!!!


Please tell us more @Elme


That’s my current stack :+1:t6:


Howsit going with ascension?
Feel free to PM me …dont want to mess the thread up


I can feel Ascension Q doing it’s thing already because of how I find myself responding or not to people and situations. Outwardly I express myself how I want although inwardly I still have anxiety and trepidation. Today I am going to run AscensionQ and Elixir. Rotate the days of Executive and Elixir while running AscensionQ.


I think ascension is a rare gem that is underrated.


@pacman I think so too. I think a lot of guys including myself have gotten sucked into wanting instantaneous results that building something long term goes right by us when if we were patient we would be astounded by what happens
I know Elixir is or was meant to pair with Regeneration but I say experiment.


I’m beginning to think that The Executive might be inappropriately named as it isn’t so much geared towards helping someone because an executive or CEO as it taking you away from being an action faker


Planning on doing a 30-Day ascension run—name embedded at terminus sometime later.