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That will be super powerful…


Name embedded titles especially Ultima will render every other subliminal company obsolete. If it hasn’t happened already


Yea. As for timing I envision it occurring in the last month before my work office opens up again, so once people see me in person again they shall notice the difference.


Executive puts you in massive Action mode but i also noticed that it boost your confidence and might have boosted other areas like romance aswell since i use AM.


Executive continues to blow me away. Like I have posted previously it makes me get things done even when I don’t feel like it. I now tend to get things done no matter what and often way sooner than expected


Just wanted to drop my impression of executive. When I first used it I felt anticipatory anxiety, energy from chest filtering into head. I know this sub is centered around establishing behaviour around sucessful poeple, but not estabilishing people around sucessful behaviour. An odd distinction to point out, but this is my peronal observation. I suffer from some sort of mild combination of neurasthenia/anhedonia (Always had Asthenia, from childhood), from drug use, maladaptive behaviour, and cemented cognitive beliefs. Althought executive made me “Think” about doing stuff, I simply am stronger than it, maladaptively.

I really dislike mentioning the subs I use, so ill just mention that I did find a sub that helped, at least temporarily. But it was after about 3 days of caffeine cessation, resumption of PMO due to that. After about 8 hours of the sub, and no sleep, I rebounded emotionally (No asthenia), and managed to clean something without feeling like shit.

I think I might be able to abuse this cycle, and use executive to program the thoughts/behaviors instead of better brain functioning.


By Executive it’s probably just meant to convey the message of being a program that turns a person into one that executes (takes action and gets things done)


Also refers to the “executive” function of the brain


"Soft skills also help you move upward because they include emotional intelligence, leadership skills, social skills, and knowledge of power dynamics.
Those skills allow you to operate within the political landscape, while also helping you come across as confident and authoritative.

I call these soft skills related to career mobility the “executive skills”."

-Definition taken from a self development website.

@SaintSovereign Does Executive Ultima help with this?


Not quite. Executive Ultima is pure productivity. Daredevil has a lot of scripting related to social skills and the such.


Doing my accounting while listening to The Executive (3 times per day).

Enjoying it quite a bit. That’s not normal.


I’m wondering if it heals shiny objects syndrome… :wink:


Maybe I’m wrong but if what you say it’s true then it explains why I don’t have any rush to buy the newest tech in here.

In my opinion I would say yeah. Productivity practically involves willpower, to push through the tasks you need. And since Executive’s 100% productivity, there ya go.
Therefore, self-control in everything, and in control of the syndrome.


How about still kicking myself for missing out just a few days while it was free syndrome… :thinking:


Man, the reviews of this is just tempting


Go and test it, it stacks great with Emperor. :slight_smile:


The Executive does the opposite for me and I have tested it numerous times, with different listen patterns and loops.

I read that Saint doesn’t get on well with ultrasonic as it comes across at the subconscious level as more pushy and telling him what do. I think this might be the case for me, as Ultima is masked and ultrasonic combined and top that off with getting thing done, do it now is a pushy subject… I think I just close down and do the opposite. I literally don’t like the subliminal as each time I tried it fucks me up for a week.

Maybe create an Ultima for more inspired productivity, rather than “pushed” ?

As I am a person that does not like being told what to do, I do things in my own time, when I want to do them… AND the best action is inspired action.


It is just the way in which they script there products, listen The Executive at least whilst doing something, whatever that may be and the scripting will instantly activate. I have tried it myself and it still urges me to get going be active and get things done so there’s definitely inspired productivity in there. It might just be you are having reconciliation (listening to many loops in conformity with the amount of action you are taking), or simply listening one loop and doing a whole lot of nothing will bring you massive amounts of reconciliation with this Ultima.

Listen when you are actually doing something and report back whether you have noticed a difference. I do not know your listening pattern, but for now it might be interesting to take a few days off.


I have tried everything you wrote and more, over 55 days, off and on. It just doesn’t jell with me.


In that case you’d want to go for healing, it seems you have unconscious blockages towards success and you need to remove those first in order to get the most out of any Program. I’d suggest, you go for Dragon Reborn it seems to be having very profound results on users.


Sometimes some stuff just doesn’t gel, and that’s okay. I’d say the other thing to try is possibly The Commander? I can’t speak about it in terms of experience as I’ve never used it but I know @Voytek has and so have others, they said something about it giving you the ability to take action and more too. Have you checked that one out?

Check out this thread.

Bare in mind, I may be suggesting the wrong thing but what I’ve wrote is what I’ve read from user experience.

Also now that I’m thinking about it, what about BLU? It gives a push for productivity but without being yelled at which is something I can speak about from my own experience and gives you inspired action which is what I’ve taken from it.

BLU Thread here

Hopefully one of these will help you.